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Is the UK's self-styled "Paedo Hunter" Stinson Hunter bullying kids online?

This was shared with me recently from an anonymous individual. It is a lengthy article, and it isn't for the faint of heart. You don't have to agree with everything written here but it is presented verbatim/ unedited for the sake of authenticity.

The author of this post has written an accusation that Kieran Parsons, aka "Stinson Hunter," the PJ copycat working out of England, is harassing and bullying underage persons online. This piece also discusses Cynthia Harvey, another person posted on this blog, as an example of how online vigilantes are often involved in online bullying campaigns.

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Stinson: 'Pedo Hunter' Causes Kids Grief for Fun
Posted by Bernie Najarian on 2015-March-19 15:35:33, Thursday 

Stinson Hunter is a man who named himself for his vocation – hunting pedophiles.  

He was born Kieren Parsons in 1981, but in his 17th year he damaged his brand severely by burning down a school.  No one was in the building at the time, luckily, but Hunter, who says “I wasn’t a nice person,” served 10 years in prison.  In 2014, the then 32-year-old husband and father told Sam Dimmer of the Coventry Telegraph (1), 

“It happened 16 years ago. I have said all along I want to right the wrongs I have done. What I’m doing now I’m doing for the right reasons.”
[end quote]

Hunter legally changed his name to publicize his new start.  What he is ‘doing now,’ consistent with that name, can be spun as acting as an unpaid adjunct to law enforcement. Or it can be spun as working as a professional vigilante and showman.  His modus operandi is to lurk on online websites where people hook up for sexual encounters.  He posts a profile masking himself as a girl whose age is as low as he can get away with under the website’s conditions.  Then, when he makes contact with a potential sex partner, he informs the person that he is younger than the legal age (16).  If the person keeps talking to him, everything is recorded.  He attempts to arrange a sexual meeting, and once a date is set, proceeds to meet his target with cameras and a crew.  The resulting videos are posted on Youtube, Facebook and his own website, and tweeted out repeatedly on Twitter.  He has brought to the U.K. an old American theme, an amateur version of Chris Hansen’s NBC-TV-sponsored ‘To Catch a Predator’ or Xavier von Erck’s web-based ‘Perverted Justice,’ but he has added a modern, Youtuber flare.  He appears cloaked in tattoos and lightly stubbled, like a council-flat Marilyn Manson, a television star for the age of child abuse retribution.  

What drives him?  Was he ever sexually abused?  Not as far as we know, though he claims some sort of abuse in a children’s home – but, of course, when it comes to being outraged about abuse, everyone reads the news.  And Hunter is a new dad.  Just as one might clear a new flat of bedbugs before moving in, why not do some hygiene, redeeming and employing oneself at the same time, by eradicating some pedophiles from his child’s new global playpen?  He wants to do right this time.  And much of his society believes in him now.  Old youthful sex offenders may never be reliably reformed, in the popular view, but this old arsonist surely is.  A Bafta-award-winning director, Dan Reed, loaned his skills to Hunter to produce a documentary on his efforts for British television’s Channel 4.  Called ‘The Paedophile Hunter,’ it lauded his efforts while confronting some of the controversies involved.  According to The Independent’s Jess Denham in Oct. 2014 (2), 

“One man, Mark (perhaps actually Michael Parkes – BN) (3), killed himself shortly after being confronted by Hunter as he arrived to meet a (hypothetical – BN) 12-year-old girl. 

His partner and mother of his young child tells cameras she sympathises with Hunter's crime-stopping intentions, but disagrees with footage being published for his 250,000 Facebook followers to see. 

"He claims he is protecting children but what about my child, a real child who is going to grow up without a dad?" she says.

While many Twitter users agreed with Mark's partner and argued that catching criminals should be left to the police, others praised Hunter's 'hands on' approach to stopping those with paedophilic predilections.”

[end quote]

Hunter is surrounded on Youtube and Facebook with a claque of vociferous, triumphal supporters.  On March 18, 2015, their support was crowned with prestigious, official approval when ‘The Paedophile Hunter’ won the Royal Television Society award for best documentary of 2014 (4).  According to Sam Dimmer (4) 


“Judges described the documentary as: ‘An astonishing film with incredible access – a brave commission and a brave programme to make.’”

Hunter’s reaction was “This started from nothing and now it’s won a Royal Television Society Award. It’s incredible.”
[end quote]

The recipient of the award was director Dan Reed, who Hunter claimed to ‘idolise.’ 

If you sense another shoe hovering here, then, as they say in dubstep music, get ready for the drop. 

March 18 was also the day that a story that has been simmering on the internet for several weeks or months finally began to break out into the open.  A story of Stinson Hunter, not the old one but the new, involved in the most unexpected and apparently contradictory activity you could possibly imagine.  

It transpires that Hunter, in 2014, actively pursued a hobby called ‘griefing,’ a kind of publicized internet pranking, where his favorite activity was to invade the digital fantasy worlds of young boys in the online game Minecraft, and set fire to their digital buildings.  

Huh?  Is this story trolling?  Is it fake?  No.  It’s all immaculately evidenced, and even tacitly confessed by Hunter himself. 

It begins with a video (5 -- deleted since this story appeared - KB), posted on Nov 29, 2014 on a hosting website called (but possibly first posted elsewhere, some weeks or months earlier) that was produced by an acknowledged associate of Hunter, Michael Donald of Dunfermline, near Edinburgh, Scotland.  Donald is 20-something, a dedicated internet trickster and online ‘football ‘ooligan’ who styles himself ‘The Karrit,’ ‘Killer Karrit’ and ‘Michael the Dug.’  He also frequently describes himself as a ‘c—t’ and a ‘bellend’ (a nasty popular insult implying an idiot, possibly malicious).   

Donald's many and diverse pranks have broken into mainstream press reporting on at least one occasion – on 3 Jan, 2013 (6), Donald made waves by threatening to give out all his banking details online if “bottom of the table Queen’s Park Rangers would lose to European Champions Chelsea” in a televised football match.  ‘QPR,’ as the Rangers are fondly known, did pull off an upset, but the bank details were not forthcoming. 

One of the mainstays of Donald’s ‘KillerKarrit’ Youtube and other video channels is ‘griefing,’ as mentioned above – the destruction of the internal virtual inventories and constructions of online gamers.  Here’s Donald’s introductory comment to one such adventure (7):  


“Minecraft Griefing - Destroying a Welshman's World, by KillerKarrit.  In this video, myself and Stinson Hunter blow up yet another person's world. He (the victim – BN) saves it (saves the damaged version to the server – BN) after we've destroyed it. If you're going to cry about it and try to get me to stop making these- don't waste your time, I plan to make more as the 1.8.2 update (of Minecraft – BN) is brilliant. 
Stinson's Channels: 
Follow me on Twitter! 
Like my Facebook page!”

[end quote]

Games like Minecraft come in a communal, online version in which friendly users invite other members of the player community into their worlds to game with them.  The competition in the games doesn’t turn around the destruction or preservation of the houses and other niceties that the hosting players have erected.  The arrival of a gang of virtual thugs bent on destruction, then, is completely unexpected, and causes shock.  The aptly named ‘griefing’ hobby consists of video-recording the shocked reactions, plus the gleeful destruction, and posting the resulting videos on the internet.  

In the video cited above and a companion video (8), we see the virtual avatars of Donald and Hunter (clearly labelled ‘Stinson Hunter’), and hear the actual voices of these men as they lay waste to virtual worlds that have been constructed by boys whose voices have not yet changed.  That Hunter and ‘The Karrit’ are best of friends is confirmed on Hunter’s Twitter channel.  

“Stinson Hunter on Twitter (31 Jan 2014): "@KillerKarrit @kaneJL haha enter the karrit."(9) 

(Donald is being welcomed as he intervenes to insult a tweeter who was arguing with Hunter) 

Their shared hobby is so revolting that the videos beggar belief.  Only the fact that most viewers are not gamers and don’t understand what has happened has protected Hunter from the outrage his activities would surely provoke in the community.  A supposed protector of online children spends his spare time causing pain and suffering to online children by trashing their video game constructions.  It’s sickening.  

Let’s look at what happens in the first video (7).  Tweeter Kamil Beylant has made a complete transcript of its dialogue, interspersed with comments on what is seen on the video screen (10).  The video is clearly captured from the perspective of Donald’s ‘The Karrit’ Xbox online account. 

It begins with a young boy’s shrill voice telling some men that they’re being horrible and asking them to get away.  A few cuss words are thrown in.  Later screen shots identify the boy as living in the US, and he has a distinct northern US accent.  

A small megaphone symbol shows that player ‘Stinson Hunter’ is speaking. He says, “What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you?”  His accent is clearly from the British midlands.  Many online videos featuring Hunter show that he characteristically challenges people by rapidly asking the same question or making the same assertion twice.  

The boy complains back, “What’s wrong with YOU?  You dropped my house!  Everything is gone!” 

The video then shows a typed message to the viewer from Donald. It reads, “Then we convinced him to let us back into his world. We helped rebuild his house.” 

Donald and Hunter re-enter the boy’s virtual world; the latter is seen as a robot-like figure in royal purple with an overhead banner saying ‘Stinson Hunter.’  Donald is seen from his viewer perspective wielding a device called a ‘stone sword.’ He begins smashing up blocks of debris that litter the virtual terrain, ostensibly cleaning up past damage.  He calls the blocks ‘big c—ts’ and makes innuendo-laden remarks like ‘I love smashing c—ts.” The boy complains “this is going to take FOREVER!”  Donald then begins smashing a wall, calling it a ‘cock.’  The action immediately provokes an outcry from the boy, since the wall is, he says, part of his “inventory,” the list of items he has won or built in the game.  

But this is all a distraction.  While Donald is stressing the boy with his slow destruction of debris, Stinson has been over at the boy’s seven-storey house, an item clearly made of virtual wood.  Something is happening over there, out of our range of view.  The boy suddenly shouts, “My house is on fire, my house is on fire!”  Animated flames are bursting out of the fourth level of the house.  We see another ‘griefer,’ a player called ‘xTSx iMoNsTeRv,’ climbing the house towards the fire, perhaps rushing to help put it out.  Donald’s player enters the house and we see Stinson’s character inside.  His player is the only one that has been in the right place to set a fire, though he makes an absurd statement, 'It's the forest fire.' There is no forest. 

The boy’s ‘Sharkman12’ black robot character has remained outside the house.  Donald then, while out of the boy’s online vision, quickly clicks to his inventory and loads his character with an item called ‘fuel.’  We see his character setting a new fire on the inside of the house.  

The boy soon figures out that Stinson and Donald have been deliberately setting fire to his house.  He uses his powers as host to expel the adults from his virtual world, but remains in voice dialogue with them.  He says, 

“First of all, your friend Hunter ... I just got stopped making my house and he’s trying to destroy it again … second of all, if you guys ever, ever, and I mean EVER try to invite me to anything again, well?  you can go screw yourself, and call yourself a c—t!  Yeah!  I’m going to use that c—t word!”  

There is much coarse laughter among the three adults involved. Donald tries to send the boy a ‘friend’ request that would give him higher access to the boy.  The boy, who trusted Donald reluctantly after the first destruction of his property, has now been hardened.  

“I don’t like you, and I don’t WANT to like you. Stop sending me friend requests.  I DON’T LIKE YOU,” he shouts.  “Nobody likes you! Not even Kerrit.  Not even Monster. (He is apparently addressing Hunter here). I don’t like you NONE of you guys. So you guys - can f—k it.” 

If the boy’s parents knew what sort of company he was keeping online, they would be livid.  Though the boy clearly knows a few cuss words, his generous and trusting nature has been abused by a gang of guffawing adult British hooligans. 

And the theme of their hooliganism is one you’d think Hunter would think twice about – arson.  

The adults are so proud of themselves that they post their sadistic, child-tormenting videos on the internet.  The video I’ve described, and a companion piece that shows the virtual worlds of another three boys being set on fire, are said to have been on the KillerKarrit and/or Stinson Hunter Youtube channels for a short while, but then withdrawn.  Copies, however, are circulating elsewhere.  Tweeter Eric Hardcastle re-posted the first video on his own Youtube channel but was obliged to remove it from public view when he received a violation of copyright complaint.  

The official, legally enforceable complaint, according to Hardcastle, came from Stinson Hunter (11).  

That’s the tacit confession of involvement that I referred to above.  

Hunter makes no effort to claim that anyone is impersonating him in the ‘griefing’ videos, and in any case, given his close, long-time association with ‘The Karrit,’ such a claim would not be believable.  

My Twitter researchers have all been blocked by Hunter, so he has not been available to answer questions.  

Though it may seem unbelievable that a supposed child rescuer, reformed arsonist and public hero would busy himself cyberbullying little boys by setting virtual fire to their virtual worlds, Hunter’s action fits a pattern that long-time observers of the internet have seen many times.  

You only need to ask yourself what sort of a personality type would identify himself as a ‘hunter’ of other human beings.  There are many such people on the internet, including many masked members of the shadowy Anonymous movement, and Hunter has much in common with them.  

The problem for a writer writing about such people is how to describe them without inadvertently insulting people who have ‘Shades of Grey’ aspects in their sexualities, that is interests in bondage, discipline and sadomasochism (BDSM).  We commonly use the word ‘sadist’ to refer to two kinds of people: essentially kind and conscientious people who role-play sexually with whips, ligatures, and so on, and essentially sociopathic people who gain pleasure from tormenting others who are helpless and unwilling.  Let’s call the latter ‘sociopathic sadists’ to keep them separate from the former group, which includes many good friends I’ve known. 

Long study has shown that most freelancers who track or ‘hunt’ online pedophiles, whether the latter are trying to have sexual interactions with children or not, are NOT merely do-gooders who aren’t qualified to join the local police force.  In keeping with the old saying ‘every prisoner wants to be a hero,’ such people are often sociopaths who are aware of their social shortcomings but also have a desire to feel good about themselves.  It’s ideal for them if they can look heroic while doing something that gratifies their sociopathic urges.  Humiliating and tormenting people who society despises as sexual deviants fills the bill perfectly.  In 1975, people with this penchant, or at least males, would have got together in a cruisy park at night and looked for queers to bash.  In 2015, that no longer seems heroic to anyone, so the compass of sociopathic heroism has pointed towards pedophiles.  

A typical and well documented sociopathic sadist who made a major impact as an online pedophile tracker was Cynthia Jean Harvey, a 50-year-old computer security professional from Nashville, TN (12).  Working undercover as ‘Determined,’ she was the chief administrator of a pedophile profiling website that sprang up under the umbrella of Perverted Justice (PJ).  While most of PJ concentrated on chat-based entrapment schemes that caught people planning to stage illegal sexual encounters, Harvey’s department, Wikisposure, concentrated on finding and publishing the identities of people posting in online legal (not connected with child pornography) websites hosting discussions among persons attracted to minors.  

It soon became clear that Harvey didn’t care if the people she undertook to expose were involved in illegal acts or not. She portrayed all pedophiles as dangerous, based on the ‘ticking time bomb’ meme that suggests that, since all deviants lack self-control (a residual 19th-century superstition), no one with pedophilic urges would be able to resist committing sexual assaults over the long term.  When she uncovered the identity of one of the pseudonymous posters she was tracking, she and her colleagues did everything possible to warn the person’s online and offline friends, his parents, his employers, and so on, that he was a dangerous man who was probably raping children behind their backs.  In a few cases, these efforts did unmask some lawbreaking; in many others, they merely resulted in the public hounding of conscientious non-offenders. 

Harvey clearly didn’t care.  She stalked teenagers online who spoke about experiencing attraction to young children, and she exposed them to the world as ‘sick,’ dangerous pedophiles as soon as they turned 18.  She relentless violated the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) legislation by pinching and displaying personal images from private social media she had penetrated, and could not be induced to correct any factual error that had become mixed in with her poisonous rants about the ‘sick’ and ‘perverted’ people she was profiling.  When PJ deleted her increasingly illegal web pages, she painstakingly reposted them independently as ‘,’ using complex and costly identity masking techniques to prevent DMCA takedown.  This website eventually floundered due to lack of financial support, but Harvey has again reposted its pages in one of the internet’s most consistently trashbaggy defamation websites,, the TMZ of the nobodies.   

Harvey was finally exposed, herself, by a dogged online sleuth styling herself ‘azu-info.’  It turned out that besides the pedo-hunting Determined, Harvey had a host of other online handles, and many of them were found on online sadomasochism sites.  The most prominent was ‘TrainerC.’  Harvey was and is a sexual sadist, which in itself is arguably benign, but she admitted to several incidents in her past where her sadism had surpassed the usual boundaries.  Says azu-info (substantiating links have been removed but can be seen at reference link 12 below): 


‘As a self-confessed "rapist” by her own account, she is "not a sensual sadist, using the definition that many people use online."  Rather, she takes pleasure in inflicting both physical pain and emotional distress in her victims.

(Here are two quotes:)

    "you WILL suffer for my pleasure," 

    "I'm a 40 year old top who lives in MS and TN. I've owned and trained several slaves in the past 7 years, and have been a sadomasochist for a lot longer." 

Not long ago she was banned from a major BDSM forum chat-room and community for refusing to stop talking about rape. Though also searching for a 'mentor' to help her "deal with the idea that I want to hurt people I like." 

When asked why one would want to rape or hurt their partners, Cynthia explained that, as a sadomasochist, she enjoys "getting off" on the very good illusion of non-consent, though "i'd even wager that sometimes it's not an illusion." 

With her past exploits for Wikisposure and her new exploits on, as well as more recent blogs, she has clearly found an outlet to let some of her most sadistic urges escape into unbounded real-world torment.

        "Now I'm looking for people I can engage with on this level without the yelling and passive aggressiveness, just plain old honest to goodness emotional pain, with the understanding that, yes, this gets me hard, and I hope it does you too, but if not, deal with it. (hell, the latter is more likely to get/keep me hard)"

        "I don't mind causing someone emotional pain while relating something that's gonna hurt because of the nature of the THING itself (well, I do, actually. It's hard. But it has to be done). What I'm talking about is causing someone emotional pain for...the hell of it."’

[end quote]

Once you’ve understood this somewhat parallel case, it becomes clear that it isn’t remotely contradictory for Stinson Hunter to hunt online for people who might be lured into sexually propositioning a young teen, while at the same time spending his fun time tormenting children online by burning their virtual villages.  The common themes are the delight of causing pain to the vulnerable, combined with the triumphant ego that is able to parade these acts of humiliation to the world.  

The hero of Great Britain is a sociopathic sadist.  But British society, in any case, has become something of a madhouse lately.  The long-standing British nervousness about sex has been intensely microwaved with petapixels of online pornography and hundreds of new means to make wanton interpersonal connections.  Faced with the imagined consequences of such liberal electronic communication, the national popcorn is starting to pop:  the UK as a society is having a mental breakdown.  A growing movement has arisen online that is determined to find that every member of the royal family, the broadcasting world, the politicians and the police have been involved in a decades-long, massive conspiracy to cover up rings of elite pedophilic serial murderers.  

In the comments to a Youtube audio recording where an aggressive Stinson Hunter is heard bedeviling an accused critic, grandmother Jo Callaghan, until she threatens suicide (13), the top comment is 


Jonny Parker
5 months ago

More people should be hunting these sick f—ks . Fact is its right at the top, the ruling elite banking families, Bilderberg group etc., etc., all snatch kids rape and kill them, satanic sick f—kers man . But people don’t want to accept that it’s happening and the real truth. Just like 9/11.  

[end quote]

Such sentiments are by no means restricted to a small fringe any more.  

In this rolling atmosphere of witch-hunt, it is very unlikely that the news that Stinson Hunter is part of a gang that regularly torments 12-year-old boys for fun will make any impact.   The matter has already been ignored for months.  The whole tenor of the nation now is to omit such inconveniences from consciousness and to crown the pedophile stalker with laurel wreaths.  Who cares that some of his suicidal stalkees may have been lured across the line into an illegal hookup by a ‘too-good-to-be-true’ offer that they would never have experienced without his entrepreneurship?  Michael Parkes’ child, growing up with no father, may indeed end up suffering, as Parkes' surviving partner has complained in her accused ‘harassment’ of Hunter.   

But as we now know, suffering among children is just part of the fun.  

*****  -30- 




5. Minecraft ‘Griefing’ Video Starring Stinson Hunter.  The author and his collaborators possess copies of all evidence materials.  In case videos are deleted (they currently are - KB), see note on screenshots at bottom of reference list. 



8. Minecraft griefing Video 2 Starring Stinson Hunter: Adult Males Burning Down a Child’s Minecraft Village. 

9. ; screenshot at 

10. US pre-teen gamer boy vs. Stinson Hunter and friend

11. Text: eric hardcastle ‏@EricHardcastle (tweeted to) @urcrazytoo @Securityconcern Copyright violation was from Stinson so he's confirmed it’s him.  Melbourne, Victoria 7:41 AM - 17 Mar 2015


13. Stinson Hunter - Confronts His Online Stalker (Part One)

Note.  15 screenshots documenting key moments in the first ‘griefing’ video have been posted by K. Beylant, starting at 

Addendum - KB 

Complete transcript of Video 1 

"I love smashing cunts"  - video game in which Stinson Hunter gets kicked out, accused of vandalism by pre-teen American boy.
   (Screen grab by player The Karrit)
    Screen:  You were kicked from the game … connection lost
    Boy: You ARE horrible!  That’s why you’re being horrible!  Now fuck you and get aWAY from ME! You bee-yotch!
    Man:  I didn’t do anything wrong!
    Screen: The Karrit - X Box guide
    Man (Stinson Hunter): What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you?  
    Boy: What’s wrong with YOU?  You dropped my house!  Everything is gone!  
    Screen:  Xbox Live Party (5):  Invite players to party  
    Stinson Hunter
    V P Tz  
    The Karrit
    sharkman 12
    xTSx iMoNsTeRv
    Screen message:  Then we convinced him to let us back into his world. We helped rebuild his house.  
    Screen:  Xbox Live Party (4):  Invite players to party  
    The Kerrit
    xTSx iMoNsTeRv
    Stinson Hunter
    sharkman 12
    Man (The Karrit): I was just doing the (unclear) and your house was gone. I did not do it –  OK?  (inaudible)
    Boy:  I can’t believe I’m saying this but … (long silence)
    Man:  but what?
    Boy: (exasperated) Fine!
    Man: thank you
    Screen:  game showing square device knocking apart and eliminating scattered blocks made of small brick-like components  
    Banner: Stinson Hunter has joined the game
    Boy: And it doesn’t look like you guys are trying to help me … it just looks like you’ve made another frikking. . .
    Man: I’ve only just joined your world … I’ve literally just joined … (nonsense expletive ‘Raahh!’) just
    Man: right, I’m going to get rid of all this for you (knocking apart brick blocks)  
    Man: I’m going to get rid of this big massive cunt for you (knocking blocks) (wheezy guffaws, titters and other sounds of adult   amusement) I’m smashing all these cunts up
    Boy:  This is going to take forEVER (whimper of protest) .. Oh my gawd, d’you know how much stuff is out here???
    Man:  I love to do it.  I love smashing cunts
    Boy:  ALL THIS STUFF is (throat catches of outrage) laying out here … seriously, this is so unorganized
    Man:  That cunt is now smashed in, it’s never been smashed in like that before. I’m now about to smash some cock  
    Screen:  device starts smashing down lower end of large brick wall
    Boy:  Everything is frikking … (yells at top of lungs) WHY WOULD … IT COMES OUT OF MY INVENTORY!!!
    Man:  Dude, shut up man, I’m just smashing this cock … shut up man, I’ve just smashed the back end of the cock in
    (sound of kid laughing, possibly a different one)
    Boy:  The house is on fire!!  The house is on fire!!
    Man:  Where?  
    Screen:  shows a 7-level house construction with a fire on level 4  
    Boy: Up top!  Up top!
    Man: up there
    Man: Just put the fire out, man.  How the fock has that happened?  
    Man: it’s the forest fire

    Screen: shows Karrit clicking on 'fuel' in his inventory and then lighting a new fire on a wall inside the house.  
    Boy:  You break one more frikking block, I will go off on you, I will murder you, I’ll find where you live and rape you
    Man:  Thank you
    Man:  Sharkman come (unclear) diamonds with me, mate … don’t like doing it by myself, takes ages
    Boy:  OK, that’s it, all of you guys, out, out, out
    Man: Oi!
    Man: What’s up?  What’s up?
    Boy: I want you guys OUT!
    Screen:  xTSx monster has left the game
    Screen:  Invitation panel showing Monster online but no longer in Minecraft
    Screen: moves of inviting Sharkman to play game
    Boy:  first of all, your friend Hunter .. I just got stopped making my house and he’s trying to destroy it again .. second of all, if you guys ever, ever, and I mean EVER try to invite me to anything again, well?  you can go screw yourself, and call yourself a cunt!  Yeah!  I’m going to use that cunt word!  
    Man:  That was a bit … (unclear)
    Boy:  Cuntity cunt cunt cunt  … (adult laughter from more than one channel) How come you started burning my house down??  
    Sharkman United States rep 5 stars, 12135, showing offline …
    Cursor on “join session in progress”  
    Screen: to sharkman12 -- the Karrit wants to be your friend
    Boy:   I don’t like you, and I don’t WANT to like you. Stop sending me friend requests.  I DON’T LIKE YOU.
    Man: What’s wrong man, I just sent you a friend request
    Boy:  I DON’T LIKE YOU. Nobody likes you!  

    Man (Monster): I do.

    Boy:  Not even Kerrit.  Not even Monster.  I don’t like NONE of you guys. So you guys - can fuck it.  

    Man: Shut up, man.
    Screen:  join game in progress
    Screen:  You cannot join this game as you’ve been previously kicked by the host.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Russell Speigel is "innocent until proven guilty," but the guilt is written on his face, in a way


So everyone who is arrested is innocent until proven guilty. However, Russell Speigel of Cottage Grove, WI, has guilt written, or rather, "burned," onto his face. If there was ever a time to use the old adage, "play with fire and you'll get burned," now is that time. If he keeps this up, he might be up for a Darwin Award rather than a Shiitake.

Cottage Grove man arrested on suspicion of burning house intended for sex offender
2/24/15, By Nico Savidge, Wisconsin State Journal

Dane County authorities arrested a town of Cottage Grove man they say set fire to a house Sunday night in a vigilante effort to keep a sex offender from moving in there.

Russell A. Speigle, 50, was arrested on a tentative charge of arson for the fire, which destroyed a home at 4721 Gaston Circle in the town of Cottage Grove, Sheriff Dave Mahoney said Tuesday.

Investigators are now trying to determine if Speigle was responsible for another fire that damaged the same house in December, Mahoney said.

They are also looking for some pieces of evidence that could connect Speigle to the fire, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The home was to house 40-year-old Harold Nyberg as part of a supervised sex offender release program, over vocal opposition from the man’s neighbors — Speigle among them, Mahoney said.

The first fire, on Dec. 8, caused $90,000 worth of damage, the Sheriff’s Office said. The home was repaired after that blaze and was considered a total loss after Sunday’s fire.

Speigle lived “only doors away” from the Gaston Circle home, Mahoney said, and had attended a notification meeting the Sheriff’s Office held last week to tell neighborhood residents about Nyberg.

“Like many, (Speigle) voiced his displeasure” that Nyberg was coming to the area, Mahoneysaid.

An article about the notification meeting from The Herald-Independent quoted Speigle saying the neighborhood was “upset and on guard” with Nyberg set to move in.

Nyberg was convicted in 1994 of second-degree child sexual assault and was later committed as a sexually violent person to a secure treatment center in Mauston, according to courtrecords.

Despite objections from Speigle and other neighbors, some of whom are now pushing the Cottage Grove Town Board to adopt an ordinance barring sex offenders on supervised release from living there, Nyberg was set to move to the home within a fewweeks.

“The place to carry out those kinds of actions is at the public notification meeting, so that we can address those concerns,” Mahoney said. “What is unacceptable is acts of vigilantism such as this.”

Investigators talked with Speigle at his home soon after the second fire, Mahoney said, and could see that he had recently suffered burns.

Speigle’s booking photo from the Dane County Jail shows what appear to be burns across much of his face.

Mahoney did not say why investigators didn’t arrest Speigle that night, but the Sheriff’s Office said authorities learned he had left Cottage Grove soon after talking with detectives.

Investigators with the Sheriff’s Office and the state Department of Justice continued building a case against Speigle, tracked him to a relative’s home in Muscoda and arrested him there Monday, Mahoney said.

Speigle was treated and released from the UW Hospital burn unit, then booked into the jail Tuesday afternoon, the Sheriff’s Office said.

At a news conference Tuesday, Mahoney declined to say whether authorities suspect anyone other than Speigle may have been involved in the arson, or if Speigle has been cooperating with investigators.

Mahoney stressed that Sunday’s blaze put firefighters and first responders in danger, and said the “most alarming” aspect of Speigle’s actions was that he set fire to a home so close to where he lived.

“Not only did the actions of Mr. Speigle endanger public safety professionals, it endangered his own neighbors,” Mahoney said.

As they continue their investigations, Mahoney said authorities are looking for two gas canisters they believe Speigle used in the Sunday night fire.

Mahoney said investigators could see Speigle holding the red, plastic jugs Sunday night in images taken from a camera near the home that burned.

Authorities suspect the cans may have been dumped somewhere between Cottage Grove and Muscoda, and asked anyone who might have seen them to call the state arson tip line at 800-362-3005 or the Sheriff’s Office tip line at 608-284-6900.

Friday, February 13, 2015

FRAUD ALERT: Valerie Parkhurst reaches new low, exploiting the stranded family of a registrant with a bogus GoFundMe campaign

Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst has tried some stupid things, but she has reached an all-time low.

There was a story in USA Today about a new family torn apart by the registry. The article states:

The father of month-old premature triplets who were staying in a hotel with his wife and toddler daughter with no money to get home was arrested Tuesday at a Houston motel for a sex offender violation.

Derrick Session was arrested following his appearance in a KHOU-TV report about the family's financial troubles...

Officials said Session, 36, recently failed to maintain his offender registry status in Texas, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was taken into custody after a detective recognized him in the news report.

As usual, Valerie Parkhurst slithered her way onto the  article comment board and began her usual bout of alcohol-induced trolling. But her brain must have been even more soused than usual because she came up with a crazy idea:

Yes, Valerie Parkhurst has created a fake "GoFundMe" campaign to collect money from Registered Citizens to help this stranded family. Are we really to believe a crazy, drunken broad from Davie, FL with a propensity to draw guns on people and who discusses murdering registered persons daily is going to drive all the way from Davie, FL to Houston, TX (a mere 1168.1 miles each way) and deliver $5000 to the family of a Registered Citizen? I sincerely hope no one is THAT stupid.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Same Shit, Different Name: From "Mothers Against Pedophiles" to "The Healing Branch"

It has been a long time since I had given any though to Mothers Against Pedophiles. Apparently, they decided to change their names in 2012 to "The Healing Branch." I was hoping with the name change, they would move away from the online thuggery that plagues most groups like MAP, but I was mistaken. While the organization may have re-branded at the Healing Branch in 2012, the FB page is still the same, including the comments:

Here is a screenshot of the Healing Branch "Leadership Team." Remember the posts I have shared about this group every time you see these chumps online or in person:

They are STILL trying to push this garbage called "Trinity's Law." We don't need yet another named law.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Valerie Parkhurst admits to Confirmation Bias

What is Confirmation Bias? 

Confirmation bias, also called myside bias, is the tendency to search for, remember, or interpret information in a way that confirms one's beliefs or hypotheses. It is a type of cognitive bias and a systematic error of inductive reasoning. People display this bias when they gather or recall information selectively, or when they interpret it in a biased way. The effect is stronger for emotionally charged issues and for deeply entrenched beliefs. People also tend to interpret ambiguous evidence as supporting their existing position. Biased search, interpretation and memory have been invoked to explain attitude polarization (when a disagreement becomes more extreme even though the different parties are exposed to the same evidence), belief perseverance (when beliefs persist after the evidence for them is shown to be false), the irrational primacy effect (a greater reliance on information encountered early in a series) and illusory correlation (when people falsely perceive an association between two events or situations).

Admittedly, many people and organizations (especially victim's rights groups) engage in Confirmation Bias, though most are not aware of it. Valerie Parkhurst, on the other hand, is willing to admit her own confirmation bias:

Consider this-- if a person freely admits to Confirmation Bias in her "research," is her research fatally flawed? In a word, yes. 

Can you trust someone like Valerie Parkhurst? In a word, no. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Joe McCloskey, Irish vigilante thug, sued for posting personal info on sex offender

If only the US would remove the registry from the public eye...

Facebook 'vigilante' accused of posting rapist's address


A man who denies running a Facebook witch-hunt against p*****s is to be asked to reveal whether he posted a rapist's exact address, the High Court heard today.

A judge also heard claims that the campaigner was hiding material that could aid the lawsuit brought against him by a convicted child m*****er.

Mr McCloskey and Facebook are being jointly sued for damages by the s*x offender.

The man, who cannot be identified, is claiming misuse of private information, harassment and breaches of the data protection act.

Proceedings were launched after his photograph and details appeared last year on 'Keeping our kids safe from p*****s II', a Facebook page administrated by Mr McCloskey.

He alleges that amid abusive comments on it others were inciting violence against him and trying to find out where he lives.

One user called for him to be hung while others endorsed shooting him.

The man claimed he was then threatened with being thrown off a pier during a fishing trip, hounded out of a cinema and had to use a supermarket trolley to fight off another tormentor.

Mr McCloskey told the court he has "named and shamed" 400 s*x offenders through the page set up to monitor p******s.

He also claimed his site has helped secure seven convictions.

But he denied being responsible for a witch-hunt or hate campaign, stressing that he included a disclaimer opposing any violence of intimidation.

In evidence he said he would remove any exact addresses for offenders if they were put on the page.

However, lawyers for the plaintiff have now challenged his assertion based on material discovered during a Google search.

The court heard postings attributed to Mr McCloskey were referred to on a website for s*x offenders.

In one he comments on a rapist "living in flats near...". Other parts of the posting have been blanked out.

As legal submissions got underway in the case, Mr Justice Stephens said the potential inference to be drawn was that the defendant does provide addresses.

He told Barry McKenna, appearing for Mr McCloskey: "Your client can find out what the un-redacted posting is."

The barrister confirmed that he had asked him to do that.

Peter Girvan, for the plaintiff, also pointed to other references to hammers despite Mr McCloskey insisting he never incited violence.

"It seems he was deliberately hiding materials from the plaintiff that assisted in his case," Mr Girvan added.

The hearing continues.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Kids Live Safe: Oh look, another get-rich-off-sex-offenders scam!

This isn't quite on par with Offendex, but another company has sprung up to make money off Sex Offenders. It is called "Kids Live Safe," yet another company scaring people to buy their private registry. They have been quite aggressive in campaigning; it is not uncommon to see their Facebook posts on comment sections these days. But hey, if some dumb fuck wants to pay $30 a month or $60 a year to see registry info, more power to them. They deserve to be scammed!

It seems they've also been responsible for the email spam alerts that have been popping up with regularity as of late.

Making money off sex offender information
by Garrett Bergquist
Posted: 10.05.2014 at 7:50 PM
Garrett Bergquist

NEW BLOOMFIELD -- How much money would you pay to know if any sex offenders live in your area?

Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Kids Live Safe charges its subscribers $29.97 per month, or $59.88 per year, to tell them where registered sex offenders live in relation to their houses, schools or other places they frequent. Users can set up email alerts for up to four addresses, install filters to monitor their children's online activity, and create profiles of their children to give to law enforcement if their children ever disappear.

Here's the catch: The sex offender information Kids Live Safe provides at cost can be accessed for free through the Missouri State Highway Patrol's website.

Detective Tom O'Sullivan, of the Boone County Sheriff's Department, said state and federal law require anyone who commits a sex crime to register as a sex offender. The registry includes a description of the person and their vehicle, where they live and work and what crime they committed. Missouri law requires the Highway Patrol to make such information available through its website at no cost.

Kids Live Safe representatives turned down multiple requests to speak on the record for this story. A company representative reached by phone said the subscription pays for tools government-run online databases cannot provide, such as the email alerts and filtering software.

O'Sullivan said charging money for publicly available information is not illegal.

"If it's available for free, you ought to try and explore that avenue before paying some money," he said.

Kids Live Safe has a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited by that institution since September 2011. BBB records show 28 complaints have been filed against the company in the last 3 years. Complaint details on the BBB's website showed complaintants wanted to stop emails from the company or had billing issues.

Columbia residents Alex Holloway and Michael Lilien said they saw no point in paying for information they could access for free even if the fee brought additional services.

"If somebody's a sicko, you need to know," Holloway said.

Lilien, who has two young girls, said he checks the area around his address on the Highway Patrol's website every few months.

"I would be willing to spend quite a bit if it wasn't something I would be able to get from a free site or to go on some sort of government website," Lilien said.

In Your Corner: Suspicious email, no AMBER Alert

OKLAHOMA CITY – The In Your Corner team recently received word of a suspicious email circulating around the metro.

It has the words “Amber Alert” in the subject head and claims “…sex offender activity has been detected in your area.”

Gene Thaxton and the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety issue AMBER alerts in our state.

Email from Kids Live Safe
We alerted them to the email creating the stir.

Thaxton said, “Nothing that Oklahoma, that I would issue, is going to look that way.”

The link takes you to a website for a company called Kids Live Safe.

They claim to protect families from registered sex offenders and offers a number of web-based services, including a sex offender monitoring service.

You sign up for a trial run, then the company charges your credit card on a monthly basis.

Our complaints though aren’t with the product, but the way it’s being advertised.

A Kids Live Safe spokesperson sent us this statement:

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and providing us with a copy of the email.  As our attorney explained, Kids Live Safe contracts with 3rd party marketing organizations to distribute its marketing messages. Kids Live Safe has never authorized anyone to send emails as an “Amber Alert”, to use the phrase “Amber Alert” or to imply any connection to a government entity. We are diligently investigating this issue and as soon as we identify the marketing organization responsible for this we will take appropriate action to ensure this does not happen again.  Please tell your viewers that if they receive any further messages like this to please forward to us at or let us know through the “contact us” form on our website.

 Kind regards,
The Kids Live Safe Team

Here’s the In Your Corner bottom line.

As of now, the state will never notify you of an AMBER alert by email or text.

To verify an AMBER alert, check with law enforcement or a media outlet.

DPS will also post an alert on its website.

Keep this in mind. You can always access the national and state sex offender registries for free. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Valerie Parkhurst PWNED again!

Our "favorite" reptile Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst slithered her way onto an Oklahoma news article discussing that state's move to ban registered citizens from working at carnivals. You have to love how out-of-touch Valerie Parkhurst can be, especially when she brags how much "research" she does:

You'd think with all of her "research," she would at least post anecdotal evidence that actually proves her argument (in this case, instances of registered sex offenders committing crimes at fairs). Instead, she posts three cases of people WITH NO PRIOR SEX OFFENSE ARRESTS to prove her point. Come to think of it, did she even have a point?

Val, don't try running with the big dogs, you're not very good at it. 

I do feel guilty constantly schooling Valerie Parkhurst, though, I feel like I'm picking on someone who is mentally handicapped. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

You can't depend on vigilant thugs like No Peace For Predators to publish accurate information

This blog has not featured the idiots at No Peace For Predators in a very long time. After all, there are far more important matters to discuss, and David Rowe has been rather quiet since he was given a dose of his own medicine. It seems they've given more thought to us than we've given to them as of late:

I wonder if the idiots at NPFP considered the fact that if there was a "Purge," some victims of their harassment may decide to rid the world of NPFP? But I digress. 

A funny thing happens to those who spend so much time obsessing over their efforts to dehumanize people. They are eager to jump headfirst into any event that allows them to release their venom. But in behaving like fire ants, they tend to miss a few facts. Here are some of their most recent discussions:

So, the report was a false alarm, as mentioned by one commenter (after the "kill him" comment, of course). What is worse is after this revelation, another idiot posts "Get um boys!!" and NPFP "Likes" the comment. So, they "like" the violent comment posted AFTER it was revealed this report was a false alarm? This them is repeated in a post made the day before this post was made:

It seems some people helped get a Registered Citizen fired from his job, which is harassment. Itrerestingly enough, the idiots at NPFP not only released inaccurate info about their victim, they "liked" their own comments (a mark of douchebaggery, something that NPFP members are prone to be). I hope whoever they targeted read this and sue NPFP. I do like that people are starting to question the management at NPFP, though. No doubt they'll accuse all those people of being "pedos" or those detractors are really the people who run this blog in disguise. They are paranoid, that's for sure!

You can't trust a group that jumps the gun and goes after people without having the facts. This is another reason why scum like NPFP should be locked up.

ADDENDUM: Just thought I'd add a few more screenshots of the "debate" at NPFP, if you can call it that. 

It seems David Rowe can't control his temper, even with supporters. I am just amazed these random people have not been accused of being me. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh, look, the hackorrists at Anonymous fucked up. Again.

I can't stand the term "hacktivist." "Hackorrist" would be more befitting a group like Anonymous. So Anonymous screwed up and put the wrong officer's life in danger in the Ferguson shooting incident.

Let me remind you that I'm not a fan of the police by any means. I support sites like Cop Block. I protested the FOP convention in my city of residence last summer. I also live in a city that has had an issue with race relations. Living in the hood for a few years, I understand the difficulty in trying to maintain peace between the races (both sides have their beliefs about the races and can be racist). It is a volatile situation.

However, in a sensitive incident like the Ferguson MO shooting, it is helpful to have the right info, given that rioting and civil unrest has occurred there.

In the midst of this, some members of Anonymous (because they aren't a collective unit but a bunch of dumbasses using the same group name) proudly proclaimed a man by the name of Bryan Willman was the officer who killed the black teenager in Ferguson:

A Twitter account associated with the hacktivist collective Anonymous said on Thursday that they've named the officer who killed Brown, 18, over the weekend, and have posted photographs purported to be of the man.

Law enforcement has thus far been unwilling to publicize the name of the officer involved in the shooting death despite calls from the public and press alike. Hackers and activists affiliated with the internationally-dispersed Anonymous collective have vowed to disclose the cop’s identity if officials declined to do so on their own, however, and on Thursday said that Willman is the officer responsible.

“St. Louis County PD claims Bryan Willman doesn't work for them or #Ferguson PD. We'll see about that,” TheAnonMessage Twitter account tweeted early Thursday.

Moments later at 11:00 am CST, the same account posted screenshots alleged to have come from Willman’s personal Facebook account earlier this week, and outted him as the shooter.

“But the job title says it all. Guessing everyone is forgetting about that,” responded a follower.

“You have a good point. All changed!!” replied Willman.

Earlier Thursday, the official Twitter account for the St. Louis County Police Department declined that Willman was an employee of either their office or the Ferguson PD...

Hacktivists involved in the Anonymous campaign known as #OpFerguson told RT’s Andrew Blake on Thursday that they would continue to steadily release information about the officer they believe to have killed Brown, and promised to post his address and other personal information later in the day if law enforcement failed to name the officer on their own.

When asked if the collective is confident they’ve identified the shooter, one Anon answered: “They shouldn't leave anyone to guess. Period.”

“The US government misfires and accidentally kills citizens all the time, especially overseas, and no one bats an eye. But if a wrong name is released because THEY refuse to release one? That's cool, because we don't have the data they do,” one Anon involved in #OpFerguson told Blake.

Of course, it has been later revealed that the officer at the center of this controversy is named Darren Wilson, and that the shooting victim was actually the prime suspect on a strong-arm robbery, and that was the impetus for the confrontation that led to Mike Brown's death. Feelings on this incident aside, my focus is on the fact that Anonymous members claimed the wrong man was responsible for Mike Brown's death. Even though I'm no fan of cops, the act of publishing this man's name and personal info while proclaiming the man to be a racist killer has potentially disastrous consequences.

While the Washington Post seems reluctant to criticize Anonymous even after their major gaffe, the New York Times was far more critical of the group:

Members of Anonymous — the shadowy, snide international collective of hackers and online activists — have played a key role in the growing confrontation outside St. Louis over Mr. Brown’s death, goading and threatening the authorities, and calling the effort Operation Ferguson.

Operations in the collective’s decade-long history have included taking down the World Cup website to protest poverty, helping identify assailants in a rape case in Ohio, cheering on the Occupy Wall Street movement and carrying out coordinated cyberassaults on repressive foreign governments. But this one ran into trouble faster than most.

The St. Louis police said on Twitter that the name given out was wrong, and that the man was not even a police officer. Within Anonymous there was an unusual amount of dissent. In interviews, in private chat channels and on Twitter, members accused those who had initially posted details of producing faulty information and putting one another in harm’s way by openly chatting about their methods online.

On Thursday, Twitter suspended @TheAnonMessage, the account that had posted the dubious information about the officer, although Twitter officials declined to say why. Those behind the account said in an email that they would post information from a backup account, @TheAnonMessage2, while other Twitter accounts affiliated with Anonymous tried to distance themselves from the post.

“But for the record, one last time. Operation Ferguson has NOT, repeat NOT released the name of Mike Brown’s killer, nor have we claimed to,” the individual behind the Operation Ferguson account said on Twitter.

Gabriella Coleman, an anthropologist who studies Anonymous and teaches at McGill University in Montreal, said she was taken aback that members of Anonymous would be so quick to release unverified information, and would speak so openly about their methods in online chat channels.

“My jaw was dropping,” Ms. Coleman said, reading members’ communications. “I was surprised because what I was seeing was suggestive but not definitive. Anonymous tends to care about its image quite a bit, and if they were wrong, it would be really bad.”

In private chat channels early Thursday, she said, members argued about the release of a photo of a man who resembled one of the officers at the scene of Mr. Brown’s shooting...

Members assert that the organization is not a group but a loose collective working to advance similar ideals — but sometimes contradictory ones. While Anonymous espouses privacy, its members also use the release of others’ personal information as a tactic in cases where they believe the authorities are not acting in the public interest, or the news media has not released pertinent information. Members are quick to condemn any individual who claims to speak for the entire collective, and dissent and infighting are common.

Members also sought to explain the internal bickering and uncoordinated communications.

“For those new to Anonymous, it’s a global collective of millions of autonomous individuals and groups,” an Operation Ferguson post on Twitter said. “Each is responsible for themselves only.”...

Some members were desperate in their pleas this week that the man’s photo not be released until more definitive information had been gathered. Ultimately, some members held a vote and decided to release the photo.

But within hours, many had backtracked. Some openly said the “dox” — a hacking term for the release of an individual’s personal information — had been wrong. “The original dox were faulty, it happens, an excess of zeal,” one Anonymous member said in a direct message on Twitter.

The infighting seemed to have taken its toll. Those behind the @TheAnonMessage2 account, who were behind the initial disclosures, had grown considerably more circumspect.

I do find it ironic that Anonymous, a group that loves anonymity, uses public disclosure of info that should be private as an intimidation tactic. It is just like a certain public registry.

It makes me wonder how often Anonymous messes things up, like that time they accused Amy Lee of Evanescence of being "pro-pedophile".

Anonymous is full of people who are smart with computers but dumb with much of everything else in life. The term for such people is "idiot savant."

I prefer to just say they fucked up.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The people's voice is angry: Outcry over sex offender's release fires up social media — but when does the fire get out of control?

So when do those idiotic rants from online vigilantes cross the line? Apparently, they can say a LOT before they are taken sriously.

The people's voice is angry: Outcry over sex offender's release fires up social media — but when does the fire get out of control?

By Sarah Tisinger

MUSCATINE, Iowa — When a 23-year-old Muscatine man convicted of lascivious acts with a child was released from prison after serving  four years of a 15-year sentence, the People of Muscatine exploded.

The outrage began after a July 30 post that appeared on the People of Muscatine Facebook page began taking on a life of its own. The post by the page's administrator was asking about the release of Robert A. Howard from prison. Howard was sentenced to prison in 2010 after being found guilty of sexually abusing his girlfriend's baby son.

It didn't take long before responses to the post included death threats, graphic descriptions of bodily mutilation, and even jokes about Howard's arrest. The anger wasn't directed entirely at Howard. One post said that the child's mother should be "stomped." Another person, who posted a defense of Howard, was the target of outrage: "I guess Jessica needs to have her baby molested by this [man] to feel different."

The original post, and others after it, generated several hundred comments, nearly 50,000 views, and attracted the attention of  KWQC-TV, who reported on Howard's release under the headline, "Child sex offender released early from prison."

What got lost in the public's outcry was the fact that Howard's release wasn't really early. He was released exactly when the law allowed.

The case began in 2010 when Howard, then 19, was charged with second-degree sexual abuse and child endangerment following a confession in which he admitted sexually abusing his girlfriend's 17-month-old boy.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to prison on the charges. The charges were punishable by up to 30 years in prison and he was not eligible for parole until he served at least 17 1/2 of those years.

However, Howard appealed the charges and the case eventually ended up in the Iowa Supreme Court, where the judges granted him a new trial because, according to court documents, "The Detective promised leniency for a confession, which was admitted during trial. The State failed to establish Howard was not prejudiced by the erroneous admission of his confession. Accordingly, the error was not harmless, and Howard is entitled to a new trial on the charge of child endangerment."

During the new trial, Howard pleaded guilty to the amended charges of lascivious acts with a child and child endangerment causing injury. He was sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. He served four of those years at the Mount Pleasant Correctional Facility, a medium security institution designed for the treatment of men with character disorders, substance offenses, and sexual offenders.

Muscatine County Attorney Alan Ostergren said that Howard was not released early but received credit for time served after his arrest in January 2010, and also received earned time, as per Iowa code. 

"He will have essentially served the maximum time allowed under the rules for credit for earned time — 1.1 days of credit for every day served. He will be on supervised release for the remainder of his life. He will also have to register as a sex offender," said Ostergren.

Ardyth Orr, captain with the Muscatine Sheriff's Office, has handled county sex offender cases since 2009 and said that as far as prison time goes, Howard spent more time than most. 

"What we see coming out of the Department of Corrections is that inmates are serving about 10 percent of the time they're sentenced to. I think that's something people don't realize," said Orr, who believes that the prisons are simply full so the DOC is granting earned time. "When you're the victim of any crime you want them to spend incarceration time that they were sentenced; it's very confusing to people."

The fact that Howard served what the law said he had to hasn't caused cooler heads to prevail online though. But, according to Lt. Jeff Jirak of the Muscatine Police Department, while people have to right to say what they want on social media, they should exercise caution.

"In all of our cases, we have to corroborate what people are saying, especially if it's over social media," said Jirak. "It's unlikely we would base a charge solely on what's being said on social media. Anybody can put anything out there; we try to police it the best we can but we have limitations. We certainly are interested in any death threats and assaultive behavior."

When contacted by the Journal for a response to the furor generated over the initial post, the page's administrator did not wish to be quoted for the story by name. But in a July 31 post, he did warn users to watch what they say: "Note: I take no responsibility of what happens from this post. I'm not the person wishing harm on this man. You guys can argue amongst yourselves but please don't make this page the cause of any actions after this posting. Some of you should probably watch what you type here."

Some Facebook users have made posts claiming to have seen Howard in Muscatine, even posting the vehicle description and license plate number of the car he was believed to have been seen in and the restaurants he visited. Howard's most recent registration on the Iowa sex offender registry has him listed as living in Clinton.

However, since the posters were not following Howard and he was in the public view, this behavior isn't legally considered stalking, harassment or defamation of character. 

Orr said sex offenders are still allowed to spend the night in places other than their registered counties. 

"I tell the offenders if they're going to be gone for three or four days, they should report it to me. The law is to report anything longer than five business days," said Orr. "It's best for the offender and for the community. That way everyone is on the same playing field. The crime [Howard] was found guilty of does not have living restrictions. He may have some employment restrictions and can't loiter outside the library or go to the public swimming pool. But he can live right next to any one of those."

As for what the public is allowed to do when it comes to sex offenders? They can remain vigilant and report suspicious activity to the police. They can keep a close watch on their own children and teach them to steer clear of strangers. They can keep tabs on where sex offenders live. But taking the law into their own hands puts them at risk of having the cuffs slapped on those hands.

"As the law reads, there has to be specific examples of harassing the person directly," said Jirak of people's actions toward Howard so far. "I may or may not like what happened to this individual, that's not for me to say, but he has rights now that he's out [of prison]. With those rights, doesn't he have protection from someone threatening his life? Nobody in this country has the legal right to threaten another person's life."