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Donna Zink strikes out again on suit to release Level 1 Registrant Info

Donna Zink: A picture of
legal failure. 
Donna Zink has tasted defeat again as she lost another bid to obtain the information of Level 1 registrants in Washington state (who ware not listed publicly). The real reason behind this is for her to win money from lawsuits when government agencies refuse to grant her requests. However, since she was publicly disclosing registry info of Level 1 Registrants she has succeeded in obtaining so far, it is obviously Zink was using registrants as pawns in her get-rich-quick schemes.

Yakima County judge blocks release of sex offender information
By Donald W. Meyers / Yakima Herald-Republic

YAKIMA, Wash. — A Yakima County judge has blocked the release of names and addresses of low-level sex offenders to a Mesa woman who wants to post the information on a website.

Ruling Friday, Superior Court Judge Blaine Gibson permanently blocked Donna Zink’s request for low-level sex-offender registration forms from the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office. The move had been sought by 22 low-level offenders who said releasing the information would subject them to public scorn and threaten their safety. The ruling covered all low-level offenders who comply with state law, such as registering with authorities, and have permanent addresses.

Zink, who would not speak to reporters afterward, said she would appeal Gibson’s orders, along with similar orders in Benton and King counties denying her requests for Level 1 offender information.

Level 1 sex offenders are considered the least likely to offend again, and their names are typically not posted publicly, except in rare circumstances, and then only released to those who have need for the information. The names of Level 2 and Level 3, those considered most likely to re-offend, are routinely released as they change addresses and are listed in public registries.

Zink filed the request with the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office in November for the registration forms filled out by all Level 1 sex offenders in the county. Zink is trying to assemble a database to be posted online listing all known sex offenders in the state. The sheriff’s office was prepared to release the forms and notified the Level 1 offenders that the information would be made public. Several offenders filed suit to block the release.

As of Friday, there were 674 registered Level 1 offenders in Yakima County, according to a website maintained by the sheriff’s office.

Attorney Greg Scott, who represented the 22 offenders, argued the ruling should apply to all Level 1 offenders, noting that some couldn’t afford attorneys or did not want to step forward and risk exposure.

But Gibson limited his ruling to those in compliance with state law and with permanent addresses. The law allows the sheriff to post the names of transient and homeless offenders, as well as those who are not in compliance with the registration law.

Scott said Gibson’s prohibition on releasing the names would extend to future offenders, since the judge ruled that the forms were exempt from disclosure under the state Public Records Act.

Gibson based his decision on a 1994 state Supreme Court ruling that declared requiring a sex offender to register was not an additional punishment, as long as the state used an offender’s potential for offending again as a factor in determining who should be informed about their past crimes.

“The Supreme Court recognizes that the mere declaration that someone is a sex offender is harmful to the person,” Gibson said. “Even if your neighbor next door has been a good neighbor for 10 years, when you learn that they were a sex offender 20 years ago, it affects how you deal with them.”

Gibson said the fact that the Legislature put some restrictions on distributing Level 1 offender information suggests that it did not intend for the information to be released through public records requests. The law limits notification about Level 1 offenders to law enforcement, schools the offender might attend, and the offender’s victim and witnesses to the crime.

Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Stefanie Weigand, who represented the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office, said there was legitimate public interest in granting Zink’s request. She said the Level 1 classification may mean low risk, but it is not zero risk.

“If (the offenders) were not dangerous, they would not have to register,” Weigand said.

She also noted that their convictions are a matter of public record.

Weigand argued that the Legislature never defined the offender information as exempt under the records act.

While there are some restrictions on posting it to registries, she said it is not exempt from records requests.

Weigand also argued that Yakima County could be legally liable for not granting Zink’s request under the records law.

Zink, who argued her case herself, said Gibson’s ruling turned the registration law on its head, and instead of protecting the public, it was being used to protect offenders’ privacy.

She said it also violated a principle of the state Public Records Act in that if information is released to some people, it has to be released to all.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Offendex (extortion website) is going out of business

This looks like the end of Offendex and affiliate extortion sites. And I'm not surprised that the owners of Offendex are convicted felons. I am amazed they managed to make a lot of money from these websites. The article from AZCentral is incredibly detailed so read on:

Brent Oesterblad

Scrutiny suspends websites' dealings
Robert Anglen, The Republic | 11:16 p.m. EDT March 22, 2014

A shadowy network of Arizona-based Internet companies that used public records to demand money from sex offenders and harass those who complained has imploded amid lawsuits, court hearings and new standards enacted by banks, social media and technology companies.

The websites, including, SORArchives and, in November stopped seeking payments from people in exchange for removing profiles, blaming the change on "many conflicts, threats, unreasonable requests and false accusations about this website."

The move followed decisions by MasterCard, Visa, Discover and PayPal to stop processing transactions from what many describe as extortion websites. Google also changed its formula to prevent sites from using search-engine algorithms to increase viewership and monetize on public records such as police mugshots.

A Call 12 for Action investigation, published in May, found that the Arizona-based sex-offender sites mined data compiled by law-enforcement agencies across the country and used it to collect money. Operators of the sites did not always take down profiles after payments were made and launched online harassment campaigns against those who balked at financial demands or filed complaints.

ChuckRodrick and Traci Heisig
The investigation found the websites listed individuals as sex offenders who no longer were required to register or whose names had been removed from sex-offender databases. The sites also included names and personal information of people who had never been arrested or convicted of a sex crime.

In an interview with Call 12 for Action last month, website operator Brent Oesterblad accused owner Charles "Chuck" Rodrick of taking elaborate steps to conceal his ownership of the websites and misleading state and federal judges about it. Oesterblad's comments were backed by court testimony and banking records.

"I have personal knowledge that Rodrick has misrepresented the facts of his ownership of the sex-offender websites to his former wife, to the Maricopa County Superior Court and to U.S. District Courts in California and Arizona," Oesterblad said in a affidavit filed last month in federal court.

Rodrick, 52, of Cave Creek, has refused interviews for more than a year and would not speak about the websites after a Feb. 19 court hearing in Maricopa County Superior Court.

Rodrick and Oesterblad, both of whom were convicted on fraud-related charges in the early 1990s, are at the center of several state and two federal lawsuits. Sex offenders and others named on the websites have accused them of running an extortion racket. Rodrick and Oesterblad are also accused of posting inaccurate or old information and using the threat of exposure as leverage in their operation.

Rodrick responded to allegations by filing defamation lawsuits against some of his detractors, including his ex-wife and her boyfriend, both of whom were profiled on the sex-offender websites even though neither has a criminal record. Rodrick has also sued their lawyers.

In court filings, Rodrick repeatedly has denied owning the websites. In a federal declaration last year, he said he lacked "ownership interest in any of the companies that own the websites" and does "not have control over the websites as an owner."

Oesterblad told Call 12 for Action he helped disguise Rodrick's ownership interest by opening bank accounts and filing corporation papers for him. He said Rodrick further hid his role by registering website domain names in foreign countries and running them through proxy servers. His claims are backed by court records and testimony.

Oesterblad, who defended his work managing the sex-offender sites, said they did not start out as a way to demand money from offenders.

"It wasn't supposed to be a 'take-down' service. It started purely as an alert service," he said in the interview, adding that when the sites failed to make money "(Rodrick) made a command decision ... to do something to generate revenue."

Financial records lay out connection to websites, forensic computer specialist says

Financial records, including checks, credit-card receipts, tax documents and bank-account data, presented in court last month provided a picture of Rodrick's involvement in the websites.

"Whoever is receiving money would have control over the websites," according to Phoenix forensic computer specialist Juan Lorenzana, who testified against Rodrick in Superior Court in February. "Revenue is flowing to him through the websites."

Lorenzana, president of JEL Enterprises Inc., testified it was impossible to track the websites themselves to Rodrick. But money going from the sex-offender websites painted a road map that led directly to Rodrick, Lorenzana testified.

Among the financial transactions detailed in court were tens of thousands of dollars to Rodrick's girlfriend, Traci Heisig.

Heisig, who is a court reporter and owns Desert Hills Reporting in Phoenix, is a joint plaintiff in the defamation suit against Rodrick's ex-wife, her boyfriend and a sex offender in Washington.

Financial records presented in court showed $80,000 from the websites went to help Heisig buy a condominium in Rocky Point, Mexico, and $13,000 to buy her jewelry. The account was also used to make multiple payments of about $5,000 for Heisig's office lease on Camelback Road and for a $5,000 personal check, records showed.

Heisig did not respond to an interview request made through her lawyer.

Lorenzana said in courtthe sex-offender websites generated revenue through two sources: removal fees and ad revenue generated by the sites. Money to Rodrick could be tracked through ClickBank information provided on the websites, Lorenzana said.

ClickBank is a mechanism that generates revenue for websites based on traffic and product promotion. Lorenzana said money from the websites went to bank accounts used by an affiliated company called Civic Sentry, which does business as Web Express Ventures.

According to corporation documents, Oesterblad is the sole manager of Civic Sentry.

Rodrick, who doesn't have a lawyer, repeatedly suggested in court he wasn't the owner of the sites because his name is not on corporation filings. But Lorenzana maintained Rodrick's singular control of the money proved his control and ownership of the websites.

Maricopa County Superior Court judge sets deadline to remove all posts about defendants

Rodrick has been aided in document preparation for his legal fight by a felon who works at a polygraph school, claims to have a background in paralegal work and lists J.D. after her name in a school catalog, implying she has a law degree.

Court records show Kelley Bradbury served eight years in a Colorado prison for theft beginning in 1997.

In her resume for the Polygraph School of Science in Phoenix, Bradbury lists among her credentials a degree in paralegal studies from Rio Salado College. In the current school catalog, she lists her name as "Kelley Bradbury, M.S., J.D."

The State Bar of Arizona has no listing for Bradbury, meaning she is not licensed to practice law in the state. Rio Salado College officials also say records show Bradbury took paralegal classes but never earned a degree.

Officials say she obtained a "certificate of completion in airline operations."

Bradbury did not return multiple calls seeking comment about her background.

E-mails and computer records show Bradbury has assisted Rodrick with court motions. On a Web page, a person named Kelley Bradbury posted comments about one of the people involved in the federal suit against Rodrick and defended the sex-offender websites.

"I feel much safer knowing that sites like are out there!" a person identified as Bradbury wrote. "If you didn't want your information made public you should not have committed a sex crime!!"

The post could become problematic for Rodrick. The February court hearings involved a request for sanctions against him for posts on websites about defendants in the defamation cases.

In an e-mail this month, a plaintiff in the federal-racketeering case whom Rodrick sued for defamation wrote an e-mail telling Rodrick to remove the content.

"I would request that your ... document preparer remove the slime she has up about me," Adam Galvez of Washington wrote. "She's a part of this case. If she does not remove this I will be informing the court."

While cross-examining witnesses during the hearing, Rodrick repeatedly asserted no evidence existed to show he posted the information to the sites.

But later in the hearing, Rodrick tried to broker a deal, offering to take down the offensive posts.

Superior Court Judge Katherine Cooper responded by imposing a deadline for Rodrick to remove all posts about the defendants or face arrest.

On. Feb. 24, Cooper issued a civil arrest warrant for Rodrick, which she later rescinded.

No law-enforcement action taken against operators of sex-offender websites

Call 12 for Action last year found that not all of the people listed on the sex-offender websites are registered sex offenders. Some have no criminal records. Yet their names, addresses and other personal information were put on the sex-offender websites for anyone with an Internet connection to view.

Those who challenged Rodrick and Oesterblad said the interactions frequently turned ugly, with intimidating calls, vitriolic e-mails and threats of lawsuits. Pictures of offenders' family members were posted on the websites along with their addresses. In another case, an offender's Facebook friends were added to the sites.

"Since you like Facebook so much ... we have added your 65 friends to your page on Offendex," an e-mail from website operators stated.

In other cases, the websites profiled offenders whose names had been removed from state sex-offender registries.

State police and departments of correction generally are responsible for maintaining official sex-offender registries, which can include an offender's name, photograph, physical characteristics, addresses and description of the crime.

Sex offenders are sometimes removed from state registries because their crimes have been reclassified and no longer are considered serious enough to require registration. Some offenders are required to register only with law enforcement, and their names would not appear on public registries.

Others have done their time and have sought court orders to remove their names from state and national registries.

The websites advertised records for 750,000 sex offenders. The sites promised to protect families from the menace of sex offenders in their neighborhoods by providing access to present and past criminal records.

Complaints about the websites have been made with attorneys general in at least five states, including Arizona. Complaints also have been submitted to the FBI, the Federal Trade Commission and the Internet Crime Complaint Center, which works with the FBI to refer Internet criminal cases to various agencies.

As of this month, no law-enforcement agency has taken action against Rodrick and Oesterblad over the websites, records show.

Rodrick, 52, and Oesterblad, 53, both have felony convictions on fraud-related charges.

Rodrick pleaded guilty in 1993 to selling illegal cable-television descramblers with fraudulent intent. In 1996, he was sued in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for his role in an Alaskan Ponzi scheme that cost investors as much as $50 million. A final judgment of $58,900 was entered against him. Court records do not show any payments were made.

Oesterblad pleaded guilty in 1992 for his part in a frequent-flier scam operated out of his family's Phoenix travel agency and spent 10 months in a federal prison.

Websites' employee said a dispute over money spurred him to testify in civil cases

The sex-offender websites were built using data copied directly from official law-enforcement websites, Call 12 found.

Eric Souhrada, a former Tempe software developer and computer engineer now living in California, said in an interview last year that he designed the sex-offender websites for Rodrick as subscription services, not as vehicles to target offenders for cash.

Souhrada said he designed the sex-offender sites from data he scraped from official registries maintained by law-enforcement agencies across the country. He said he reformatted the data into his own templates that Rodrick used for websites such as Offendex.

Oesterblad said the origin of the sex-offender sites goes back to 1999when he and Rodrick owned an Internet-based subscription service to access public records called The name was later changed to

In 2006, the demand for subscriptions to search public records plummeted. Oesterblad said he and Rodrick didn't have another company together until 2011, when Rodrick approached him about a new website called to collect money from sex offenders.

Oesterblad said Rodrick was in the middle of a divorce case and asked him to register the new company with the Arizona Corporation Commission and open bank accounts.

"I did not know then, but believe now, that Rodrick established the name Web Express Ventures in order to hide income and other assets from his estranged wife," Oesterblad wrote in his federal court declaration.

At its peak, the sex-offender websites were bringing in an estimated $35,000 per month, Oesterblad said during last month's interview.

Oesterblad described his role in the website as a contract employee. He said Rodrick paid him 50 percent commission on money he collected from sex offenders through the removal process. He also said his job was to communicate with offenders.

"I'm the one who had to talk to the angry perps on the phone," Oesterblad said, adding that he has no regrets about firing off angry e-mails to offenders and rubbing their faces in the graphic details of their crimes. "I was the zealot."

By the end of 2012, Offendex was getting a lot of negative attention on the Internet and elsewhere. Days after Call 12 for Action sought interviews with Rodrick in December, he changed the name of the site to SORArchives.

Oesterblad said the real blow for the company came after complaints from around the country about similar websites led credit-card and payment-processing companies to reject payments on behalf of the websites. Google also changed its formulas so the sites were buried on the Web.

"Rodrick subsequently learned that he and the website was under investigation for possible criminal activities," Oesterblad said in his declaration.

Oesterblad said that Rodrick told him he learned Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery's office had opened a criminal investigation into the websites.

No criminal charges have been filed.

Oesterblad said he decided to testify in the civil cases after he and Rodrick had a dispute over $808. Oesterblad said Rodrick refused to pay him for work he did on the websites and then pushed him out of a future project.

He said he felt betrayed and as if he had wasted two years of his life.

"I agreed to talk to everybody. I agreed to tell the truth," Oesterblad said in the interview. "I can acknowledge my naivete and stupidity for being a patsy."

In fall 2012, Call 12 for Action received a complaint call from a consumer alleging that a Valley-based company was engaged in online extortion. Reporter Robert Anglen set out to investigate those claims and found that sex-offender websites were demanding money to remove profiles from the Web. To trace the operators of those websites, Anglen combed through hundreds of pages of court records, business filings and property records.

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Stick with small words, Valerie Parkhurst

Valerie Parkhurst is, without a doubt, the dumbest blogger on the Internet. Val is so bad, the only time you will find proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling is if something is pasted to her blog from an outside source.

So I had to laugh at the following comment Valigaturd posted on a random article while attacking the owner of this blog:

"Hate to break it to you, but even after all your blustering your still the lower that a pustular ridden, anal expulsive narcissus who has never come to terms with the fact your short history on earth can be compared to snake feces and not much else."

It is hilarious listening to an idiot try to use big words, especially when she cannot use the word "you're" instead of "your."

"Your still the lower that a..." Serious, fix this grammar issue! At any rate, I'm sure the rest of the insult was written by someone else. Lets look at the following insults.

Pustular ridden = zit faced. Seriously? Are we in junior high? But no matter, even if we were, I was lucky enough to have avoided the curse of acne during that time, much less today.

"Anal expulsiveness" refers to Freud's stages of psychosexual development, which is considered a tad obsolete. But, what Val failed to realize is there are positive traits such as creativity, generosity, and self-confidence, but since my sexual habits have little to do with feces, I'm sure Val overlooked that minor detail,  because the ability to comprehend the written word is a concept that continues to elude her. No doubt, I'm sure she was just excited to use the words "anal."

Narcissus = A daffodil. I suppose on some deep level Val could have theoretically invoked the Greek myth of Narcissus, but they would be an assumption that Val is a deep thinker. Val

So I'm a generous zit faced flower, according to Valerie Parkhurst. Way to go, American Educational System. This is the typical uneducated, racist, right-wing teabagger that fills the attack sites.

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Idaho vigilante thug Bradley Houser gets a slap on the wrist from brutally beating a 69-year old man

A brutal beating and this guy gets to go some bullshit diversion program? If he beat a homosexual for being gay, he would have had the book thrown at him.

Man Sentenced for Felony Battery on Registered Sex Offender
7 hours ago  •  By Alison Gene Smith Comments

Police: Men Broke into Hotel, Beat up Sex Offender

TWIN FALLS • Police say two men broke into a hotel room and beat a man who is a registered sex offender. Read more

TWIN FALLS - A man convicted of felony aggravated battery for beating a 69-year-old man was sentenced Monday in Twin Falls County District Court.

Bradley Houser, 35, was sentenced to the state's retained jurisdiction program. He will attend the Correctional Alternative Placement Program through the Idaho Department of Correction.

After the program, a judge can either put Houser on probation or send him to prison for an underlying sentence of three to 15 years.

Houser was also ordered to reimburse the county public defender's office for $500 and was ordered to pay victim's restitution of $1,257.44.

Police said Houser beat the man because he is a registered sex offender.

A police report by Twin Falls police officer Samir Smriko gives this account:

Just before 10:30 p.m. Aug. 23, police went to the Super 7 Motel at 320 Main Ave. E. following a battery call.

As police entered the hotel room they saw Rick Perkins, 69, washing blood off his head and arms. Perkins had a 2-inch gash on his forehead and multiple cuts in other places.

Perkins told police that at about 10 p.m., two men came to his door and threatened him. Perkins recognized one from a previous encounter. The men said they were going to beat him up because of a past child sex abuse case.

In 2008, Perkins was convicted on six counts of lewd conduct with a minor younger than 16. He was sentenced to three years in prison and made parole in November 2011.

Perkins told police two men who smelled of alcohol initially left his room because other people were around but soon returned, closed the door behind them and started beating him.

The beating lasted for about 10 minutes. As he spoke to officers, Perkins grabbed his side in pain several times.

Paramedics arrived, and Perkins declined to be taken to a hospital but was informed he would need stitches on his head.

Police later found Houser in the 200 block of Alexander Street but couldn't locate the other man.

Houser was extremely intoxicated and had to use a fence to hold himself up, police said. He told them he and another man whom he didn't know went to the hotel and Perkins swung at them.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Internet trolls warned: Expect arrest if you abuse people online...but only in the UK

Well cheerio and all that rot! The British are apparently trying to crack down on internet harassment. Now, I'm not British, nor can I say what the lsaws are there. I personally hope this extends to those so-called "paedo-hunters."

Internet trolls warned: Expect arrest if you abuse people online
Wednesday 26 Feb 2014 8:10 pm

Internet trolls were today warned there was no hiding place from justice.

They were told to expect arrest if they threatened or abused people on social media sites.

Culture secretary Maria Miller said there was a ‘straightforward principle’ that rules which applied offline would also be applied online.

‘The internet isn’t a ‘‘Second Life’’,’ she said, ‘It isn’t something where different rules apply, where different behaviour is acceptable – it isn’t the wild west.’

Addressing the Oxford Media Convention, she said: ‘Whether it is images of child abuse or terrorist material we will use the full force of the law, national and international, to take down that content and pursue the perpetrators.

‘If you vilely insulted, or threatened to attack someone in person on the street, you do so expecting to be arrested and charged. The same already applies on social media.’

Referring to the recent jailing of a man and a woman who subjected feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez to online abuse, Ms Miller said ‘being online does not mean the law doesn’t apply to you’. She added: ‘Last year, 2,000 people were prosecuted for sending electronic communications that were grossly offensive or menacing.’

Ms Miller told the audience ‘the veil of anonymity the internet provides may be valuable but does not give licence to insult, cheat or exploit.’

Taking aim at illegal downloads, she added: ‘If you wanted to see a film or listen to a CD, you wouldn’t sneak into a shop and steal it off the shelf, so why do the online equivalent and download it illegally?

‘It’s about good citizenship… as well as what’s legal and what’s not.’

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Survey finds online trolls (like Valigator) show signs of sadism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism

Do I really need a study telling me people like Valerie Parkhurst are sadistic, psychopathic, or even Machiavellian? No, but it doesn't hurt to have a study to validate what we already know.

Survey: Online trolls are 'everyday sadists'
Doug Gross, CNN
By Doug Gross, CNN
updated 11:19 AM EST, Tue February 11, 2014 

(CNN) -- If you've ever complained that the trolls junking up online comment sections are a bunch of sadistic psychopaths, you might be onto something.
An online survey by a group of Canadian researchers suggests that Internet trolls are more likely than others to show signs of sadism, psychopathy and "Machiavellianism": a disregard for morality and tendency to manipulate or exploit others.
"It was sadism, however, that had the most robust associations with trolling of any of the personality measures," says an article by psychologists from the University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg and University of British Columbia. "In fact, the associations between sadism and ... scores were so strong that it might be said that online trolls are prototypical everyday sadists."
Sadism is a tendency to take pleasure in other people's pain or discomfort.
The article was published last week in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.
As defined in the article, online trolling is "the practice of behaving in a deceptive, destructive, or disruptive manner in a social setting on the Internet with no apparent instrumental purpose."
So, as opposed to cyberbullying, saying nasty things during an argument over politics or even making hateful comments that reflect the commenter's true feelings, trolls are offensive for the sheer enjoyment of it. Or, in Internet parlance, "for the lulz."
"Trolls operate as agents of chaos on the Internet, exploiting 'hot-button issues' to make users appear overly emotional or foolish in some manner," the article reads. "If an unfortunate person falls into their trap, trolling intensifies for further, merciless amusement. This is why novice Internet users are routinely admonished, 'Do not feed the trolls!'."
Survey respondents were asked about their Internet behavior, including how much time they spend online and whether they comment in places like YouTube or on news websites. They also were given tests that measured responses against psychology's ominously named "Dark Tetrad": narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy and sadistic personality.
Commenters who said they enjoy trolling other users more than other options (which included debating topics and making new friends) consistently scored higher on the "tetrad" and displayed a tendency to enjoy trolling because it is pleasurable, the authors wrote.
The questions asked to determine sadistic tendencies included ''I enjoy physically hurting people," "I enjoy making jokes at the expense of others" and "I enjoy playing the villain in games and torturing other characters."
To be clear, the article is not based on a random sampling of respondents.
For their final study, researchers gave their questionnaire to 188 Canadian psychology students who got extra course credit for completing the surveys and 609 United States residents who use a website that lets people fill out surveys for a small amount of money. Those respondents were paid 50 cents for filling out the questionnaire.
But it speaks to a growing concern about behavior that has existed, certainly, since the dawn of the Internet and in other forms for much, much longer.
Sites like YouTube and the Huffington Post have banned anonymous comments, requiring users to create an account that identifies them by name, while others have taken different tacks to try to moderate comment sections.
"These findings provide a preliminary glimpse into the mechanism by which sadism fosters trolling behavior," the article says. "Both trolls and sadists feel sadistic glee at the distress of others. Sadists just want to have fun ... and the Internet is their playground."

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Clay Keys/ T-Sand sentenced to 15 years

Absolute Zero United alumni Clay Keys will spend a decade and a half in prison. Good riddance.

Registered Sexual Offender Sentenced to Return to Prison

Posted: Tue 4:38 PM, Feb 04, 2014
By: News Release
Home / News / Crime Watch / Headlines List / Article

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA – Pensacola resident 53 year-old Clay C. Keys, was sentenced Tuesday on his guilty plea to a federal indictment charging him with the receipt and distribution of child pornography and possession of ammunition by a convicted felon. Keys was previously convicted in state court for a lewd and lascivious act upon a child and is a registered sexual offender.

Keys was found guilty of using peer-to-peer software between April 2009 and August 2013 to share thousands of images of child pornography online. A federal search warrant was obtained for Keys’ residence in August 2013, and law enforcement officers discovered more than 10,000 images and videos of child pornography. Chief United States District Judge M. Casey Rodgers sentenced Keys to 15 years in federal prison to be followed by a lifetime of supervised release.

Keys was also sentenced to 10 years in prison for possession of ammunition by a convicted felon, which will run concurrent with his sentence for child pornography.

In announcing the sentence imposed by the court, United States Attorney Pamela C. Marsh credited the success of this prosecution to the joint efforts of the Department of Homeland Security, the Pensacola Police Department, and other members of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, whose joint investigation led to the complaint in the case.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney David L. Goldberg.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Donna Zink loses her battle to collect Washington Tier 1 Registrant info

 Donna Zink was rejected in court today as the judge saw right through her get-rich-quick scheme. Zink is using sex offender information to set up a lawsuit over public records, as she had won a suit over a municipality in the past over public records. Now, she will have to go through the appeals process to have any shot of obtaining this info.

Judge rules sex offender data in Benton County not public information

Tyler Richardson
Tri-City Herald

KENNEWICK, Wash. — A Tri-City judge ruled Wednesday the personal information of low-level sex offenders in Benton County is not public information and shouldn’t be released to a Mesa woman.

Judge Bruce Spanner’s ruling comes after more than a month of deliberation about whether the data should be released to Donna Zink.

Zink has no “legitimate interest” in it, Spanner wrote in his 13-page decision. The information, if released, would cause irreparable harm to more than 400 Level 1 sex offenders.

An attorney has sought to block a similar request in Yakima County.

Spanner said the information is considered confidential under other state and federal statutes and therefore is exempt from release.

“There is no showing that the information requested is either relevant or necessary,” Spanner wrote. “Our Supreme Court has determined that Level 1 sex offender registration is in most instances ‘confidential’ and that the public has ‘no legitimate’ interest therein because those offenders do not pose any threat to the community.”

Zink — the former mayor of Mesa who sued the city in 2003 for withholding other kinds of public documents — in July requested the names, birthdates, addresses, pictures and other information of the Level 1 offenders.

She requested the same information from Franklin County, and it has been released.

Zink has been in a legal fight with several Tri-City lawyers since making her request. She has said she plans to create an online database of the offenders because she believes people should know where someone convicted of any type of sex offense is living. She has said in court that Level 1 offenders can be dangerous, citing a recent Richland case in which a low-level offender is charged with raping and killing an infant.

Registration information for Level 2 and 3 offenders is routinely posted on sheriff department websites. But Level 1 offenders are considered the least likely to reoffend, and their information is not made public unless they fail to register.

The Benton County Superior Court ruling, however, only blocks the release of the personal information of 14 sex offenders.

Richland attorney John Ziobro, who represents those offenders, was the first to have his case for a permanent injunction heard.

Spanner granted the injunction, but it can be appealed to a higher court.

“For my clients, it’s great,” Ziobro said. “I haven’t spoken to any of them, but I am sure they are ecstatic.”

Lawyers for other clients told the Herald they are optimistic Spanner’s ruling will be applied to their cases.

A temporary injunction was in place to prevent the county from releasing any low-level sex offender’s personal information.

Benton County prosecutors do not agree with Spanner’s ruling, saying the information should be released to Zink.

“There’s still a whole lot left up in the air,” said Ryan Lukson.

Richland attorney Greg Dow represents 20 other Level 1 offenders and is trying to form a class-action lawsuit to provide the majority of Level 1 offenders legal representation so they also can try to prevent the release of their personal information.

Spanner previously denied Dow’s request, but he’s filed an appeal.

“There’s a lot of cleanup work left,” said Dow, who praised Spanner’s decision. “We need to find out what impact the judge thinks this has on the people who are not named as plaintiffs. There’s 390 guys out there wondering, ‘Am I protected or not?’ “

Zink, who has been representing herself, could not be reached about the decision but took to social media Wednesday to blast the ruling. She said she is frustrated the court system is protecting sex offenders.

Zink wrote that Spanner’s ruling will not stop her attempts to get the information.

“After all this they would serious(ly) think I was going to roll over,” Zink wrote. “Let me give you a clue, when someone works this hard they are not going to quit. At least not till the Supreme Court weighs in. That is what appeals are for.”

Zink has requested offender information from the Washington State Patrol database and from Yakima County. Temporary injunctions are in place in King County and Yakima County preventing the information from being released.

The state American Civil Liberties Union has gotten involved in the case with the state patrol. ACLU spokesman Doug Honig said attorneys are reviewing Spanner’s decision.

Zink also requested around 80,000 emails from Benton County. The emails contain sex offender information and other sensitive police information. Spanner ruled information in the emails not pertaining to sex offenders can be released to Zink.

Zink’s county requests for sex offender information could slow down a potential appeal, Lukson said.

Zink can’t appeal a decision in her case until the county is done reviewing the emails. Lukson said it could take several years to do that.

If Zink withdraws the email request, it could speed up her potential appeal, Lukson said.

Dennis Sobin can continue posting his "Idiots Registry," rules DC judge

Vigilantes, crooked politicians, and corrupt cops, take notice, YOU can be included on the "Idiots Registry." I was in DC Tuesday supporting Sobin, who vows to greatly expand the registry.

Sex offender can continue to post photos, judge says
By Justin Moyer, Published: January 28 E-mail the writer

A D.C. Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday that a convicted sex offender can distribute and post photos of court employees online to protest the city’s sex offender registry.

Dennis Sobin, a former pornographer who served more than a decade in prison for a sexual performance using a minor, posted the photos of employees from D.C.’s Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) on saying that sex-offender registries are unfair. A court employee filed for a civil protection order, accused him of stalking and asked the court to have Sobin to remove her photo.

But Judge Todd E. Edelman said that Sobin’s actions were protected by the First Amendment.

“Mr. Sobin’s conduct could be criticized,” said Edelman. “I think it’s unlikely to be effective. I think that criticizing lower-level court employees is puzzling. But that’s not my place to say.”

The unusual case garnered the attention of the ACLU, which filed a brief on Sobin’s behalf. Tuesday’s hearing also drew interest from other sex offenders and anti-registry activists.

“I’m very happy the judge understood and abided by the U.S. Constitution that gives citizens the right to protest, even in a personal sort of way,” Sobin said.

Sobin, 70, thought the decision could inspire similar protests elsewhere.

“The judge’s opinion will be used as ammunition around the country,” he said.

Stephanie Gray, the CSOSA employee who sought the protection order, and her attorneys declined comment.

Vicki L. Henry, president of Indiana’s Women Against Registry, welcomed the decision, saying people are not aware how much sex offender registries damage families.

“There’s no empirical evidence supporting these registries,” said Henry, whose son is a sex offender, outside the courtroom. “We need to promote prevention.”

Derek W. Logue, a sex offender from Ohio who was there to support Sobin, said that registries prevent criminals from moving forward.

“I’m 37,” Logue said. “They’re still judging me on what I did when I was 22.”

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Heroic registrant creates a website to register his registrants

Dennis Sobin has created his own website,, to register those who humiliate him at his registration office. One of his targets, a US Attorney who happens to be his brother

I think it is awesome!

Sex offender fights registry by registering his registerers
Stephanie Grey

By Justin Moyer, Published: January 22 | Updated: Thursday, January 23, 6:00 AM

If nothing else, Dennis Sobin is not your typical ex-con.

At first glance, he looks like the model returning citizen: After serving more than a decade in prison, Sobin, 70, returned to the District, started a gallery for prison art and ran for mayor.

His nonprofit organizations have received grants from George Soros’s Open Society Institute and the National Endowment for the Arts and, in 2010, he appeared on the cover of the Washington City Paper .

But Sobin is also sex offender. A former pornographer who’s appeared on “The Sally Jesse Raphael Show” and “Geraldo,” Sobin was convicted of sexual performance using a minor in 1992 in Florida.

So, every 90 days, Sobin must report to D.C.’s Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA), and his photo appears on D.C.’s public registry.

Sobin thinks it’s unfair. So, for his latest act, Sobin has decided to protest his treatment by creating his own online data base and registering the people who monitor him at the sex offender registry.

US Attorney Darren Sobin
Now, in an unusual case that will be heard on Tuesday, a D.C. Superior Court judge will decide whether a court employee can file a civil protection order to prevent Sobin from posting her photo on his anti-registry registry, , and distributing her photograph on fliers.

“Here at you will find the names of politicians and public figures who have encouraged the creation of, or have refused to denounce, government registration websites that target citizens for harassment,” Sobin’s site reads. “In the tradition of Nazi registration of Jews and Gypsies and the Salem lists of alleged witches, modern government registries are unfair and un-American.”

Stephanie Gray, who works for CSOSA, is asking the court to force Sobin to remove her picture from the site.

Sobin, who was under Gray’s supervision until she got another position at the agency, did not mince words when criticizing Gray.

“Face of Evil: ‘Registry Specialist’ Stephanie Gray shoots icy stare,” Sobin posted under a photo of Gray. “Gray requested and received a transfer due to the guilt she felt in her loathsome job.”

Sobin said his action was inspired by Supreme Court rulings which hold that sex offender registries are not punitive and do not constitute double jeopardy.

“If it’s not punishment to be on a list, we thought we’d put the people who do the registering on a list,” he said.

Gray took another view.

“He writes derogatory information about me,” Gray wrote in her request for a protection order. “I have been move[d] from the Sex Offender Registry and he continues to trash the bldg. where I am with pictures he has taken of me without me knowing.”

Should Sobin prevail,“It would send a message to all sex offenders in the District of Columbia,” according to a petition filed by Gray’s attorneys which accused Sobin of stalking. “Convicted criminals required to report to CSOSA could harass them with impunity under the guise of protected political speech.” Gray, through her attorneys, declined comment, as did CSOSA.

Sobin has found an ally: the American Civil Liberties Union, which filed an amicus brief on his behalf.

“We think there are some significant First Amendment issues,” said Art Spitzer, legal director of ACLU’s D.C. office, who pointed out that Gray is not alleging physical harm. “Domestic violence laws are supposed to protect people from crimes, but not hurt feelings. . . . People are allowed to embarrass each other and make each other feel bad when making a political point.”
Yolanda Stokes

Though Sobin’s legal strategy is new, sex offender registries have been around for a long time.

Though California became the first state to establish a sex offender registry in 1947, many states followed suit after Megan Kanka, a 7-year-old living in New Jersey, was murdered by her neighbor, a serial sex offender, in 1994. D.C. created its registry in 1999.

Experts in the field said Sobin’s approach was unusual.

Katie Gotch, a spokesperson for the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, estimated that there are 700,000 sex offenders on registries in America, but wasn’t aware of any who had mounted protests like Sobin’s.

“That’s actually very novel,” said Gotch. “I have not heard of that and I’m not surprised he’s getting sued.”

Should Sobin win, Gray’s civil protection request will be denied, but D.C.’s sex offender registry will not be affected.

But, Sobin said, he’ll have struck a blow for free speech and shown the flawed logic behind the registry — even if there’s collateral damage.

“Ms. Gray happens to be a very sensitive, compassionate individual who is on the registration list,” Sobin said. “It’s a war. . . . They’re involved in this registration thing and unless they move themselves out, we’re going to oppose them.”

Monday, January 6, 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: Voting for the 2013 Shiitake Awards has begun!

The finalists have been announced and it is time to start voting for the 2013 Shiitake Awards.

For those unfamiliar with the Shiitake Awards, this is a Once Fallen project that spotlights the dumbest and worst sex offender-related stories of the year, and each year I host an awards show in the spirit of the "Razzies" to showcase the worst news story, journalist, politician, law, and state of the year. It is a fun project, voting only takes a minute, and it showcases the worst 2013 had to offer.

To cast your vote for the 2013 Shiitake Awards, go here:

If you want to see the list of candidates for the 2013 Shiitake Awards before you vote, go here:

To listen to or download the podcast of the Selection Show from ReFORM-Radio, go here:

Voting ends January 31, 2014.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Real or fake? Alleged vigilante beating video going viral

The thing about the internet is anything can be posted at any time. A video claims to be of a set-up of a would be "pedophile," where he is attacked by a couple of thugs. It is interesting this happens right in front of children, so if this is real, it is disturbing that people would put little kids in danger for the sake of a viral video. Either these wannabe thugs are stupid, or they staged the whole thing. I have posted stories here in the past where people were set up and falsely accused. If we have learned anything from the idiots at Perverted-Justice, it is that private citizens have no business running sting operations.

I'm not surprised that the online thugs like Valerie Parkhurst approve of this. I hope these two punks serve prison time for this.

Georgia Vigilantes Beat Up Potential Sex Predator At Their House (Video)

By Jonathan Wolfe, Thu, December 26, 2013
A group of young Georgia men are attracting some attention after posting a video of themselves beating up a potential sexual predator. The video, titled “To Catch a Predator with VillainPros” was posted yesterday and has been viewed over 13,000 times as of this writing.

The video starts with a message from the self-described VillainPros.

“The other night our homie hit us up and said that his 13 year old sister came to him and said that this grown ass man that had already been talking to her friend hit her up on [Facebook] and wanted to bring over some beer and ‘hang out.’ He was under the impression that she was home alone and made it very clear in his messages what he tryna do...the Villains had other plans for him.”

On the video, the 28-year-old man who had been messaging a young girl walks through the door of the house. Immediately, a man comes from the corner of the room and lands a punch to the his head. He is knocked to the ground and several of the other ‘Villains’ kick and punch him as he lays on the ground.

The video ends with a message from the poster saying they cut the camera off before having a “real talk” with him.

While it’s easy to get riled up and applaud the young men for stopping a potential sexual predator, there is a problem with this video. The entire attack is not only filmed, but also illegal. Regardless of the 28-year-old man’s intentions, he can now press charges against his assailants with hard evidence to back up his claims.

If these men were smart, they would have detained the man and called police. He would have been investigated and likely landed himself a lifelong spot on the sex offenders registry if he were really up to what he seemed to be. But instead, these vigilantes may now find themselves in jail in his place.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Like I needed any more proof Anonymous is full of dumbasses, and other musings of filthy vigilantes

I haven't added anything to this site as of late, and I couldn't sleep, so I decided to read up on some old stuff from this blog. This blog was originally created to counter Absolute Zero United, a site that is pretty much defunct (they post a new article once or twice a year but no one bothers to read it any more). One of the last AZU posts was on some silly operation by the hackorrism group Anonymous.

Anonymous members are criminals, but some try to garner favor with the people they're harming by claiming to do "good" things like attack alleged "pedophile" websites. Today I stumbled on one such Anonymous troll, going by the name "Slayer of Pedophiles," and it would be another mundane blog by another wannabe pedo-hunter if not for the fact he lumped me in with a whole bunch of people I don't know, and presumably we're all pedophiles according to this dipshit.

For the sake of illustration you can see his post about me HERE. I think it is worth a read simply because it shows the extent of the average Anonymous members' "research" on the subject. His research on me consisted of Wikisposure, Rob Taylor's website, the Lies about Derek Logue blog, Absolute Zero United, and Roseann Zoggyie's blog (the one that got her fired from her job in Kansas). No official documents of any kind, just information from defunct vigilante websites that have no reliable information. That is what happens when you get a bunch of dumbassed computer nerd together who excel at computers but fail at the game of life. True investigation and research is not something the n00bs like Anonymous can dabble. Funny, even Slayer of Pedophiles's co-member told him to go check his facts because it was wrong.

This brings me to my next tangent-- Looking at all those old, defunct websites is about like driving through urban Detroit to look at old, abandoned buildings. This site has moved on to other things. Even Corrupted Justice, the site largely responsible for turning Perverted-Justice into a ghost town, has called it quits, their mission accomplished. AZU is defunct, and their members don't even bother with their independent websites anymore. In fact, about the only person featured on this site that bothers trolling the reform movement is the virtual town drunk, Valerie Parkhurst, and she likely has cirrhosis of the liver these days from all her binge drinking.

And still posting racist material, of course. 
Well there is another loser I featured here still going strong, and I haven't thought of this bitch in years, namely, the wannabe political/ crime blogger known as "Shoalanda Speaks." Just so you don't have to backtrack, the story goes like this-- back in 2010, when I was back with my ex-wife Brandi, Shoalanda make a threatening post about me on her blog. I send an email requesting she remove the picture of Brandi off her site, and she responded by increasing her attacks. She was working with Clay "T-Sand" Keys, and together they bashed me on the local online forums. Since I'm the kind of guy who tends to hold a grudge, I remembered all this today as I was going over the old stuff and remembered the two working together.

So it made me wonder how Shoalanda would feel knowing that her buddy Clay Keys is currently sitting in jail on CP charges. It must be embarrassing to know that she sold out to a true pedophile while the person she attacked is not the recidivist. Way to go, Trollanda! You stupid cunt.

Of course, the troll sites and celebrity advocates are still doing the same tired crap. No surprise there, right?

Complete with misspellings of course

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Would-be vigilante busted for making pipe bombs to kill registered citizens

I wouldn't be surprised if this man was connected to one of the various online vigilante groups out there.

Shiloh man charged in plot to kill registered sex offenders
Posted on: 5:41 pm, October 4, 2013, by Rebecca Roberts, updated on: 09:56pm, October 4, 2013

SHILOH, IL (KTVI) – An active duty airman man is charged with possession of three pipe bombs.  According to the criminal complaint, his goal was, “to inflict as many casualties as possible.”

Twenty-four year-old Justin VanGilder works at Scott Air Force Base.  The complaint states that he was suicidal, but didn’t only want to kill himself.  The Shiloh resident specifically wanted to detonate these bombs to kill child molesters. And he already had some local addresses.

This all started on Thursday, when a witness told authorities that while he was visiting VanGilder at his home on Twin Oaks Drive, the 24 year-old pulled three pipe bombs out of a briefcase, along with bomb-making equipment.

Later that day, the FBI, along with U.S. Air Force investigators, quickly evacuated surrounding houses, searched VanGilder’s home, and safely disposed of the bombs.

U.S. Attorney Steven Wigginton explains, “They’re basically IED’s, improvised explosive devices, and they can be quite lethal as we’ve seen and experienced as a nation with the casualties and fatalities in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

VanGilder made these wartime explosives right at home. The report states he’d made two of them six years ago, and was saving them for the right moment.  “They’re packed with explosive material, along with shrapnel, razor blades, metal balls, anything can inflict damage on the human body,” says Wigginton, “Unfortunately they are easy to make, and that’s a real threat.”

“I didn’t expect anything like that to be going on around here,” says neighbor Bobby Dancy.  But another neighbor, Jim Marshbank, has a hunch why it would: “I think sometimes people pick nice neighborhoods where you never see police cars go up and down the streets, and they pick those areas because they’re looking to stay quiet and not draw attention.”

VanGilder is charged with three counts of Possession of an Unregistered Destructive Device.  He could be sentenced up to 10 years in prison, along with a fine and period of supervised release.  VanGilder is in federal custody, with an arraignment scheduled for Monday.

The Probable Cause Statement from police is posted below:


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Letzgo Hunting founder quits after his name is partially exposed online

Have you ever noticed how defensive vigilantes get when the spotlight shines on them? They don't like being outed. How ironic! But it isn't stopping members from threatening women for daring to question them. Well, I question them, so bring it on, punks!

[UPDATE: It appears the person who outed the Letzgo Hunting clown is Stinson Hunter, another vigilante scumbag group. I guess there is no honor among thieves]

Paedophile vigilantes terrorised us for daring to criticise them: Sisters left in fear after challenge to gang who outed online suspect 

Claire and Emma Harris have been bombarded with abusive messages
At least two other people have received threats from the group
By Andy Dolan

Two sisters who criticised a group of online ‘paedophile hunters’ for confronting a suspect who later committed suicide were themselves viciously targeted by the group, it emerged last night.

Claire and Emma Harris accused Letzgo Hunting of ‘acting like thugs’ after they were bombarded with abusive messages by the vigilante group, which also published one of the sisters’ social networking addresses online.

At least two other people have also received threats or abusive messages from the group, which yesterday denied responsibility for causing the death of engineer Gary Cleary.

One, who posted criticism on Letzgo Hunting’s Facebook page, said he received a reply from a follower warning: ‘I will cut your throat if I see you in the street’.

Mr Cleary, 29, was confronted by Letzgo Hunting members in Braunstone Park, Leicester, in early May, but fled as they approached him.

The group says it lured him there by posing as a 14-year-old girl in an online chat. The footage was posted online and he was arrested days later, questioned and released on bail.

Mr Cleary, who lived with his girlfriend in Newbold Verdon, Leicestershire, was found dead in his garage four days later.

Letzgo Hunting claim to be a band of concerned parents in Hinckley, Leicestershire, who pose as girls aged 12 to 15 on internet dating and social networking sites to set up meetings with paedophiles looking for sex.

Footage of the confrontations is put on their website, as well as their Facebook and YouTube pages, with the suspect’s faces visible. If an arrest is made, the footage is doctored to disguise a suspect’s identity, but remains online.
Yesterday the group told the BBC it would not change its methods following the death of Mr Cleary.

But its founder, who uses the name ‘Jamie’, later posted a message saying he was leaving the group after his name was partially revealed online.

He denied being responsible for any abuse from the Letzgo Hunting Facebook page and added: ‘If someone’s been upset by it, I wasn’t aware of it.’

Claire, 31, said that after she saw the group’s footage of its encounter with Mr Cleary in May, she messaged its Facebook page to condemn the tactic.

But within hours she said it sent her a message branding her a paedophile. She was then blocked from posting further comments on its page.

When her 34-year-old sister messaged the site to complain, the group posted her Facebook address and Twitter name on its webpage, with a message claiming she was supporting paedophiles.

It urged the group’s 11,000 Facebook followers to ‘show her some love cuz I’ve had enough’.

The siblings each reported the abuse and harassment to their local police forces.

Last night Claire said some of those who had viewed the video had posted threats to kill Mr Cleary or said they knew where he lived.

Emma, a single mother-of-one from North Yorkshire, said she feared for the safety of her child after Letzgo Hunting tweeted the name of her street in a message suggesting they should ‘go hunting’ in the neighbourhood.

Another tweet warned her: ‘U will feel the love that paedophiles get, because, by condoning their actions and condemning ours, you are equal!’.

She said: ‘I actually warned Letzgo Hunting that I was worried their videos could lead to somebody getting hurt or taking their own life.

‘I can’t believe the way they went for me. It only takes one idiot to decide to look me up – all for trying to have a civilised debate with these people on Facebook.’

Claire, a mother-of-three from Leicestershire, said she came across the group’s activities when a friend posted a comment on their video of the confrontation with Mr Cleary.

She added: ‘I was immediately concerned that this way of working posed a risk to the public, not only to the men being targeted but also anybody mistaken for being the subject of one of their videos.’

Referring to Jamie, she said: ‘I also find it alarming that he works incognito to protect his own family, but thinks nothing of posting my sister’s details onto a public forum.’

An inquest at Loughborough last week concluded Mr Cleary had ‘died by his own hand’.

Coroner Trevor Kirkman made no reference to his encounter with Letzgo Hunting or his arrest.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Letzgo Hunting drives person to suicide

Police have already demanded the idiots at Letzgo Hunting, a PJ wannabe site, stop fucking up police work. Now they drove a man to suicide. Sorry bastards.

Gary Cleary suicide: Man hangs himself after vigilantes accuse him of being a paedophile

He was arrested after being confronted by the group who lure suspected sex offenders into real-life meetings by posing as young girls online
Hanged himself: Gary Cleary
Hanged himself: Gary Cleary
A man committed suicide days after vigilantes accused him of being a paedophile and grooming a child on the web.
Gary Cleary, 29, was arrested after being confronted in public by undercover online group Letzgo Hunting.
The vigilantes lure suspected sex offenders into real-life meetings by posing as young girls online.
Members then video confrontations and post footage on Facebook and YouTube before tipping off police.
Mr Cleary, who lived with his college worker girlfriend Melissa Andrews, was confronted in public by Letzgo Hunting members four months ago.
He was arrested and questioned by detectives from Leicestershire Police on May 9 after they were shown the footage.
The engineer, from Newbold Verdon, Leicestershire, was released on bail while officers looked at allegations.
He was found dead at home four days later.
A coroner last week recorded a verdict of suicide – but no mention of Letzgo Hunting was made at the inquest.
The hearing in Loughborough, Leicestershire, was told how a relative found Mr Cleary hanged in the garage of his semi-detached home.
Coroner Trevor Kirkman said: “Whatever may have occurred, or whatever may be thought to have occurred, is not a matter I need to go into.”
A relative of Melissa’s, who asked not to be named, said: “It’s a tragedy and has left everyone extremely upset.”
Criticising Letzgo Hunting, he added: “It’s a sad reflection on modern life that vigilantes operate on the internet.”
Mr Cleary’s family had no comment.
Letzgo Hunting was set up by three men and a woman, assisted by 13 helpers, in Hinckley, Leics, this year.
The founder, “Jamie”, said he would not change methods in the wake of Mr Cleary’s death.
He added: “We feel sorry for his family for the loss.”
Letzgo Hunting has led to the arrest of 12 in the county, but no charges.
The Association of Chief Police Officers said Letzgo Hunting’s tactics could allow suspects to dispose of any key evidence before the police became involved.